Got the all clear

As some of you know, I had another cancer scare. Well I got my scan done today, and got the all clear. :)

The new lump was just scarring from the last cancer they operated on.

Thanks to the group of people who sent me good wishes and support. I appreciated it.

Just need to shift this chest infection, on my third lot of antibiotics now. If my lungs still crackling after these the doc is sending me to specialist, to rule out fibrosis. Something I know nothing about.

Nin xx

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  • Hi Nin,

    What fantastic news to hear!! See Az was right all along lol That is so good and can imagine the great sense of relief you must have felt. Brilliant. xxx So happy for you.

    Hope your chest infection clears up soon so that you don't have to worry about any other condition. Cross that bridge if you come to it, and for now concentrate on getting well, and wallowing in your fantastic results today.

    Feel better soon,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thank you Huggs :)

    I was so relieved that I nearly cried, lol then I walked out of hospital with a big grin on my face xx

  • Hi Nin,

    I am surprised you didn't cry in relief and happiness! Years ago I had a scare, and when I had a biopsy and scan was given the good news that there was nothing to worry about. I promptly burst into tears, sooooooo embarrassing! lol The doctor then said something about my breasts which I didn't take in at the time, as I had this stupid big grin on my face too. It wasn't until we were on the ferry home, that I remembered the doc had made a comment. I asked my friend what it was. She laughed, and said she was wondering when I would get round to asking or remembering what he had said. Turns out he said, " nothing to worry about, as you just have odd breasts, but come back if you are worried!! Apparently I was effusive in my thanks for his comments. lol cheeky sod. ha ha ha.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • Lol huggs. My first scare was in my 30's and the doc said straight to biopsy for you as you are far to small for the mammogram. One good thing about steroid weight gain, i'm now big enough to fit, else they probably wouldn't have found the cancer when I was 50. :)

  • You must be so relieved. Good lass.

  • Thanks Marie, I really am relieved. x

  • Smashing news ... congratulations!

  • :) Thanks Jolyn xx

  • Best news ever Nin ! So happy for you.

  • Thanks Argana. It really is the best news, I thought I would be making the 500 mile round trip back to Essex to tell my Mum and four sons bad nrws. Now my next trip back home will be happy. :)

  • That's fantastic news, I bet you feel brilliant.

    Kim xxxx

  • Thanks kimmy :) yes I really do feel brilliant. It's a huge weight lifted for me and for Az.

  • So pleased you got the all clear Anna, that must have been so scary for you.

    Hope your not coming down this way just yet the weather is awful, be better in the spring, mind you you must be a hardened Northerner now, lol.

    You take care of yourself.


  • Thank you :)

    Lol living at the bottom of the Pennine Hills certainly does harden you to cold weather, it's freezing here too! No not traveling down yet, but hoping before spring, can't wait to see my grandson. :)

    Hope you are keeping well and warm. Xx

  • Great news !!! Well pleased for you. xx

  • Thank you casper :) xx

  • That's great news Nin. Now the sun can shine again for you and you can get on with the rest of your life!

  • Thanks Butterfly. Thats just what we are going to do. Planning on moving this year, so its going to be busy. :) xx

  • Oh Nin that's fantastic. I told you it would be all right. I am so pleased for you :) xx

  • Thanks cough :) you were right thank goodness. Xxx

  • I'm always right Nin :d xxx

  • Great news nin, I'm so pleased u got good news, hope u shift that infection now too.... Take care x Sonia xx

  • Thank you Sonia, looks like the antibiotics are working this time, so good news all round :) xx

  • Hi Nin,

    Perfect news I'm so happy for you and know the relief you are feeling. Hope this round of anti biotics does the trick with moving the infection. Hugs Suz xx

  • Thanks Suz, yes looks like the AB's are working. :) xx

  • Morning Jamnins, Great news, so wonderful to have good news on this site, It is so nerve racking waiting for results, Very best wishes Bulpit

  • Thank you Bulpit. You are right my nerves were fraught, now I can relax :) xx

  • That's great news A. Very very pleased for you.

    Now you can concentrate on getting rid of the infection. Bet you're over the moon, just a little

  • Thanks peege over the moon seems like an understatement, I just couldn't stop grinning :)

    Am feeling a lot better today so i think the chest infection maybe under control. Xxx

  • Great news nin you must all be so relieved. Best wishesxxx

  • Thanks jenss. Yes we are relieved

    :) xx

  • Wow,what splendid news,so happy for you! What a way to start the New Year,looks like it will be a good one for you! xxxxx

  • Thank you Wendells, hope the new year is good for you too :) xx

  • Fantastic news on the Big C . Maybe a blood/sputum test to see what treats the bug might be the first step? I have had a stupid cough for near on 3 weeks and it will not go away.

    Be Well

  • Thanks offcut :) yes had a sputum test, Doc chasing results, had an x-ray and three different lots of AB's. Still got crackling in lung. Due to see him again next week, he says it's possibly another bout of pneumonia but he would expect the crackling to be gone when he sees me next, if not its hospital for a CAT scan to rule out fibrosis. Seems strange to say that I'm hoping I have pneumonia!

  • Better of 2 evils. I have fibrosis from a severe infection in 2008 at least pneumonia pain goes away. Keep fighting and do not let it beat you down.

    Be Well

  • How great to hear some fantastic good news for a change, hope that infection clears very soon and you can celebrate in style.

    Take care.

    polly xx

  • Thanks Polly :) I hope so too, think we are due some celebrating, its my birthday in 6 days. Xx

  • Oh my dear Anna what fantastic news. I am so pleased for you even if I had missed you telling us about the scare. That's what comes from being asleep most of the time!

    Sending you my special fantastic news, get rid of infection, all enveloping, super soft mummy hug

    love Dozy x

  • Lovely hug Dozy, just what I needed, thank you :) Don't worry you didn't really miss me telling about it, I only briefly mentioned it on someone's post, in my reply to them. I had decided in my head it would be bad news, and made all the decisions that go along with that. I cried a bit, and also laughed at the things Az said to cheer me up. So I can't think of a better birthday gift of the all clear. Even though I do feel a little silly for having worries and wobbles for no reason.

    Hope you getting a good start to the New Year

    Love and hugs back to you. Xx

  • What great news to hear I'm so pleased for you, all being well lets hope your soon fighting fit and enjoy a great birthday.


  • Thank you Peg, :) Xx

  • Anna, thank goodness the news was good. You have been through so much, and you do it all without complaining, you are a star. Bet you cannot wait to see your little grandson. Please take care both of you.


  • Hello TedtheBear, hope you and yours are well, and keeping warm. There are a lot more people worse off than me, so I don't like to complain really, I'm one of the lucky ones, second chance at love and life, even if we huff and puff through the days, I love every one I wake up to. I am really looking forward to seeing my grandson. Can you believe he starts infants school this year !! I bet he has grown since I last saw him.

    Love to you and your family and thank you Xxxxxx

  • Great news Nin and so pleased for you. Take care xxxx

  • :) :) Thanks Sassy, you take care too. xx

  • So pleased for you, I have just got my third dose of lung cancer, had a second scan yesterday and see my oncologist on Wednesday to see how its grown and what treatment I will have this time, but beat it twice in the last eight years so will do it again, but just in case a few fingers crossed will help folks. I am still smiling.

  • Thank you Holly17 , I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Like you say you have beaten it before, I do believe smiling is a very good medicine. Very best of luck to you. xx

  • i_am_iamnins_nin This is absolutely brilliant. I am SO very pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaased for you.

    No I don't know either about fibrosis. Hope you don't have it. Enjoy this time with a good laughter. Hope you are not in the gale force wind.

  • Thanks helingmic, yes the winds been howling here, it's been freezing cold. Xx

  • Fantastic news so pleased for you

  • Thankyou :) xx

  • hi Nin,, i've just seen this fantastic news, so pleased for you,

    love jimmy xx

  • Thanks jimmy :) xx

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