also Sleep Apnea & use an oxygen concentrator overnight every night with a back up cylinder. My oxygen is supplied by BOC who are brilliant. I travel around the UK on little breaks, sometimes for 1 night sometimes a week & BOC arrange for other companies ie AirLiquide, to provide my oxygen & they are all brilliant, the oxygen is in my hotel room on arrival & removed when I leave. Excellent service all provided by the NHS........ I now want to stay in my friends apartment in Spain, have phoned my company & contacted other oxygen suppliers but so far don't know how I do this. I need to know if I have to arrange to take a concentrator with me or do I need to contact an oxygen company in Spain to supply me???? Can anyone help please??

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You will not be allowed to take UK equipment abroad.

One option to be sure of your needs is to hire a portable unit if suitable .

The link is to one company that hires equipment.


Airline Approved

You hav'nt said what oxygen you require?

You will also need fit to fly note from your GP

I think air liquidi operate in Spain, but you will have to pay could be expensive if not arrange properly.

Hi Stone - many thanks for your reply, I use a 1 litre of condensed oxygen for 8 hours overnight, so if I will not be allowed to take UK oxygen abroad then surely a portable unit wouldn't be allowed? I'll have to try Air Liquidi see what they say. thanks once again Penelope


It only applies to equipment supplied under the NHS.

Not to hired or your own equipment.

Ok then I suppose all you have to do is ask the airline you are travelling with if they will be OK with it, thanks stone


Found this may help.


Welcome to the site and I'm sorry I've no knowledge to offer advice - luckily Stone is on hand - pleased to see another Penelope

thanks for the welcome peege

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