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Having got copd and get Bronchitis many times during the winter months, I tried going to a Salt Cave few years back and found it helped recuperate after the illness.

When I'm generally better during the summer I stopped going, but probably should have kept it up during the autumn to prevent getting ill again.

There are Salt Cave shops around London, not sure about other places, but they are opening more and more.

The idea is based on the real salt caves in Eastern Europe and Russia where many are now used as Wellness Clinics and hospitals for people with chest problems, as the pure salt air seems to purify the lungs over a period of time. ( a bit like being near the sea).

The Salt Cave franchise here, are usually converted shop premises with a room covered with salt walls and floor and seating for about 6 people.

The sessions are for 1 hour and you simply lie back in chair wearing a special cap and overshoes, while a fine mist of pure salt with ionised air is pumped in.

Afterwards you can feel the chest clearing enabling coughing up mucus more easily, but usually takes about 6 sessions to really feel the benefit, with 1 per week.

The only downside is that it cost around £30.00 each session depending on the offers available.

I've also got a salt lamp at home and pipe with pure salt crystals you can't use table salt as this has chemicals put into it), which I breathe which are both fairly cheap to buy on Amazon, and helps when I remember to do it.

I don't know what the medical evidence there is on salt, probably none, as per usual the pharmaceutical giants who control the medical profession in this country don't benefit, but I'll try anything that I think might help..

It's worth Googling it to see, and I wondered if anyone else here has tried this ?

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  • I have heard this mentioned a few times on this site, but I can't remember where. If you feel it's of any benefit to you, then that must be a good thing. Good for you :-D

  • I tried salt therapy in 2012. Bought 10 sessions for €250. It was a lot of money but I was desperate at the time and prepared to try anything. The premises was purpose built, very comfortable with luxurious leather loungers. I found spending an hour there really relaxing - nobody speaks, dim lighting, stars on the ceiling, low music like ocean sounds etc., in the background, first time, I could feel the salt tickling my nose and throat and taste salt on my lips. This happened once or twice afterwards but on other occasions I'm convinced they were economising on costs and I could not feel or taste salt. Overall, I found it excellent for relaxation but it didn't help my lungs or sob levels in any noticeable way.

  • Hi Argana.

    Sorry it didn't seem to work, and maybe as you mentioned some places reduce the salt content which is hard to know, but not good!

    You could always a salt pipe which you can use at home with salt crystals depending on how you feel.

    I've also recently borrowed a de-humidify from a friend, which I hope might help, as I heard a dryer climate is better for lungs problems.

    Amazing how much water comes out that's in the air..

    (It's that time of year).

    Good luck.

  • Just after I purchased the Salt Therapy sessions, I was prescribed 7% saline nebs by my consultant, so bad timing all round :) But I did enjoy the sessions and they were helpful to me as relaxation sessions which I badly needed. Glad I tried it anyhow.

  • I was given six sessions at the Salt caves as a gift last year.

    For my part I found the ambiance of the salt caves very pleasant, the experience relaxing and refreshing and for a couple of hours after each session I felt buoyant and able to breath better.

    No lasting effects I'm sorry to say so I'll not be returning. The ads do promise a lot but they would, wouldn't they?? I haven't any real medical advice for the salt caves at all.

    For my part I'd say, only do it if you can afford it. You seem to have gotten a lot more out of it than me. These days I have saline or ventolin for my nebuliser which does the trick for me.

    Take care and good luck.


  • " Hello Unicorn... I have just been reading your comments about salt caves. I cant comment on them,But! i can comment on salt lamps. i am a huge user and believer in himalayan salt lamps. and would definitely recommend them as i have done many times on here. infact i swear by them. not only are they so pretty and relaxing , the salt keeps the atmosphere in your home dry too which really helps make you breathing so much easier. i am stage 4 fev1 is 27% and i also use a salt pipe. the only down side i have said to the salt pipe is, it leaves a taste of salt in your mouth. but like everything in time you get used to it. i am going to enclose a link on some the benefits to himalayan salt for you and anyone else interested, to learn more about about.if you type my name(megannell) or the words salt pipe..salt lamps.into search in the green bar that runs across the top this page you will be able to read bout my comments on the use of salt. also there is a picture of my home fireplace which is surrounded in salt lamps..:) ..Megan."

  • Hello Megan, I would be very interested to read your comments on salt lamps but nothing came up when I put your name in the search box. Have you any explanation? Also does the heavier the lamp mean its more beneficial. The ones advertised certainly look beautiful regardless of any benefits. barnowl

  • Here is one link for you to look at Barnowl1. hope you find it interesting

  • Thank you very much, interesting read, barnowl

  • " Here is some the lamps i bought from amazon for you to see all the different varieties of them..good luck..Megan."

  • HI Megan

    Thanks for the info. I've got the salt pipe, and I lamp in my bedroom which I switch on about 1 hour before bed

    I'm not sure how long to use it for or if it's doing any good if I'm not in the room.

    How long do you keep yours on for, and how much do you use the pipe?



  • " Hello again Andy, thank you for your reply. i use my salt pipe once a day, every day. and with the Salt lamps. i put them all on ( 8 ) just before it starts to get dark.and i leave a very large one on all the time, day and night as i know it also helps to keep any condensation down. good luck to you Andy...Megan."

  • Hi Megan

    Wow. That's a lot of salt pipes, but if it works it's certainly worth it, and must work out cheaper in the long run than paying to visit the Salt Cave places..

    I will have to consider buying some more lamps and seeing what happens.

    I also forgot to mention, I bought an 'ionising air purifier' a few years back which looks like a fan heater with an electric motor inside, and which I think does a similar thing to the lamp, but not sure how effective it is.



  • "Hi Andy..Think you will find the salt lamps work a lot better than the ionising air purifier and they are so relaxing to have lite all around the home..did you see the picture of my fireplace that i posted in here to show what the salt lamps looked like. keep in touch with me Andy. as i would love to know how your getting on with them...Megan."

  • Hi Megan

    No I didn't see the link to your fireplace, just the ones to amazon for the lamp and pipe.. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place..



  • "Hello Andy.. awe try looking under.... "Christmas and why whisky go together".... i did an item on it. if you go to the top right of this page you should see it it is just under the orange .. hope so. and then you should see my fireplace with my salt lamps around it..since that picture i have added a few more salt candle burners which look so pretty and work just as well as the electricity ones.

  • HI Megan

    Got it.

    Your fireplace look really cosy with the salt lamps, and gives it a nice glow.

    I can imagine you enjoying those hot tods' in front of the fire !

    Glad to hear your recovering well the recent illness, but If you want something else soothing to sleep well, I can recommend a mug with a spoon of honey, juice of a lemon a measure of rum, with hot water...

    I sometimes have a spoon of Benylin if I'm under the weather as well.. It's a knock out !

    Or maybe a bit sweet if you're used to Whisky.


  • " tis me again.. this is the salt pipe i use....Megan"

  • I tried a Salt Pipe for a while for Bronchiectasis, didn't really feel I benefited to be honest I now Nebulise Saline daily which really helps me clear my chest and prevent bugs growing.

  • Hi Fern369

    Where do you get the Nebulise Saline from. Is it on prescription or do you have to buy it ?



  • Hi Unicorn 100, it was suggested by a Respiratory Consultant I visited to thin mucus in my lungs and make it easier to cough up. You can buy a nebuliser quite cheaply. The Consultant said nebulising saline was more sterile than the salt pipe and more effective. I get the saline on prescription now from my GP

  • I will let you know Unicorn as I have won a trip to a Salt Cave at some time for Pete and I. I have not heard yet but hope to be going fairly soon. I would be so happy if it could help Pete and we could keep it up in some way. xx

  • Curious, I Googled it for shops around my area in the States and sure enough there's one in my small little town outside Atlanta:

    Haven't decided whether to go just yet but it's nice to know there's one around if I wanna give it a try..., thanks !!!

  • HI Dmactds

    Some of the Salt Caves in the UK you get the first visit free, so it's worth asking anyway just to see if it makes you feel better, before paying out anything.

    Good luck


  • Thanks for the tip; I'll keep that in mind....

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