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Portable continuous 2ltr flow concentrator for travelling abroad and Travel insurance

we are taking my 75 yro mum abroad this year for 2 weeks, she is on home oxygen with small portable cans for going out. We need a portable concentrator for 2 weeks but her nhs oxygen suppliers don't accommodate for outside the uk we are in South West Scotland and don't want to pay £400 for a private supplier unless we have to. Also finding travel insurance is a nightmare £244 for medical only is the best I've found so far anyone know of any reasonable insurers? Thank you.

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Try the following they offer a hire service, 2lpm you will on get 45 minutes on continuose with the Phillips I-go.

Can you not use pulse dosage?


The sequel eclipse will give two hours.



Would you like to purchase an oxygen concentrator ? I have one .

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it neds to be continuous flow but thank you


What do you mean by medical only,for travel insurance,it seems very reasonable to me,I am on oxygen and the cheapest quote for Europe was in excess of £600 for 2 weeks and further afield like the USA was over £2000.Does your mum have flight tests.Sooki.


i have copd and i only pay about £60 and i do get free insurance with nationwide but as i only do my holidays on a cruise ship P&O are the best as they will help you all they can but i do have my own small concentrator and i do know if you are over 70 it sky high but do try the post office for insurance but no one will cover you for any thing wrong with you hope this helps


thank you




It is continuous flow .its an inogen 1.it cost me £4500.we used it to take my mum to usa .


according to the makers it is a pulse flow model


Try this website healthoxygen.com call them and they will advise on what is best form travelling be it rental or purchase.


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