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Good wishes

I have followed this site for several years but never responded until the last few weeks. My darling husband was diagnosed with IPF in 2008, his life expectancy was between 1to 5 years, we were very lucky that he went into his 6th year,he died very peacefully in 2013, I got such comfort and lots of good advice from all the posts. I send all you wonderful brave people my very best wishes, your good humour astounds me when life is so difficult for you all. Again I thank you all for your fantastic posts. Stay safe Bulpit

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Merry christmas bulpit, hope u enjoy. Take care x Sonia xx


Merry Christmas and happy and safe new year to you.

Kim xxx


Wishing you all the very best Bulpit. Very sorry for your sad loss. Take care xxxx


Thank you for your kind thoughts. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas. xx


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