Sad day for Tony

Don't be alarmed, it's not personal, but yesterday our Tony suffered the pain of losing a very close lifelong friend; his football club. Hereford FC are no more and were officially put to rest yesterday after a long period of struggling against the odds to survive in the uncaring world of lower league football. Do not scoff, as this will be for Tony a hugely traumatic experience. Houses, friends, partners, lovers come and go but a football team is for life. He won't ever be able to support another team with the same love and passion as his dear Bulls.

The tribulations of Hereford FC are a reflective mirror of the ills of society. In a game awash with untold wealth at the top, the greedy pigs stick their snouts in the trough and couldn't give 2 hoots for those less well off below them. There's enough money in the game but too few greedy B's are leaving crumbs for the less well off.

But of course we are all in it together, notwithstanding that in the last year alone the number of people relying on food kitchens has increased by 51%, the privatisation of the NHS continues apace, care homes are closing, and cuts to the emergency services are needed for the next 5 years according to some. It's time to say no more.

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  • Great post warwickstag and it is a very sad day for Tony indeed. I agree that greed prevents the smaller clubs from surviving and who cares? certainly not the fat cats at the top but the life long supporters that's who! Take heart Tony - you have many happy memories to get you through. xxxx

  • Thanks so much for letting us all know ( although I did already know ) I knew Tony was a passionate and life long supporter of Hereford FC and knew they were in trouble a little while ago.

    I TOTALLY understand how he must feel as I am a lifelong supporter and season ticket holder of a PL club ....( I swear I age 5 years every time I watch them play :) :) )

    It will be a great sadness to Tony and I feel for him.

    I suppose the hope is that they can some time in the future arise from the ashes..

    We must all hope and pray that Tony soon get his call and gets his new lung ( lungs)...that may ease the pain that must be in his heart at the moment

    We ALL love you Tony, and are feeling your hurt

    Lots of love Sohara

  • Oh, dear. So sorry that this has happened and sending Tony my commiserations. xx

  • I know what you mean I have seen the mighty premier team of Coventry by bad management and bad luck go down to the 1st div. The club has been bought and sold as an asset not a football club this is were it all seems to be going wrong.

    I was a secretary of a junior football club and I know at this level it is costly. 20 years back it was costing £4000 a year to run it.

  • Must leave a big hole in the heart. Commiserations.

  • Yup. Very sad news for Tony. But when he's finished kicking all asunder in frustration and anger he'll be headlong into something else and he'll bounce back. Nothing keeps our Tony down for long. He is a man of many talents and activities. He's survived a lot worse!


  • Its never over till the fat lady sings. There's a glimmer of hope that football may return to Edgar Street next season in some form.

    Who knows in about 10 years the Bulls may play the stags again in the heady heights of the football league.

    Thanks for your post WS.


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