PIP and the meaning of Disability under the Equality Act 2010 / The Disability Act 2010 and the Disability Act 1995

Those who are waiting on a PIP assessment or even considering applying for the benefit may we well advised to study the the above acts it seems to me that the Disability Act of 1995 (which I contributed a great deal to) and the Disability Act of 2010 the 2010 acts give a much more stricter views on what a disability may be some looking at them I now only just scrape by even though I have limited walking distance and multi co-morbidities.

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  • The site benefitsandwork give a lot of advice and info re applying for PIP etc, guidelines on how to complete the application form, what documentation to include, etc etc

  • Sorry, not sure what point you re trying to make!

  • Instead of them going by the rules they changed the rule book. It used to be if you cannot walk 50 metres in severe discomfort it was a chance the mobility part would be granted at some level. Now it is 20 metres which is a 60% drop? Yet the Government building regulations for disability parking is no less than 50 metres away from the entrance?

    I struggle to get about, even more now the colder weather has come. It seems that I either roll over and do nothing or try to lead a as normal life as I can and accept the discomfort to let me do this. My Doctors is further than 20 metres from the nearest disability parking spot as the shopping area has been made into precinct shopping. Should I under the new rules only have the GP come to me taking up even more time from the NHS.

    I have been going though interpretations of the new PIP and have now realised what they are looking for and how much I have been omitting from the forms. I have so many products that I now use, so I can do the usual things in the house.

    Be Well

  • Yes offcut it is a jungled maze know I am fortunate in that I have a mobility scooter I can get right to my surgery door and park inside it, same with the hospital it has a main street with an out patients just of it and one or two clinics at strategic points in fact I think I have a mental map in my head engraved of all the hospital clinic's and most of all toilets. I will be reassessed in 2016 which I am told my benefit goes over to PIP from DLA but am told as I get DLA for life there will be no change just a name why they have to I will never know.

  • All this has become a principle with me I know an old women who has claimed DLA since the age of 30 stopped working when the first child came along but rather than be a stay at home mom or go back to work she claimed DLA. She is still calming now and because she is over retirement age she will left alone she is paid high rate mobility and care and will get this till she dies, bloody crazy why aren't they being reassessed ????????????????????????????????????

  • quite agree with you onamission I had to go through appeal after appeal over a 3 year period before I was granted DLA I got full rate care but had to appeal on what level mobility they gave me in those days my epilepsy was bad hence I needed help with getting around. What rankles me was even in the old days alcoholics just got it like that to me it was more money to buy booze with which was often the case.

  • I had my assessment 5th March and have been awarded NO points. I had read on these pages that the ppl who do the assessments are liars well when i read my letter off them it said that i managed 2 get on the couch using steps this did NOT happen as i was'nt asked 2 go on couch. Another was saying i could walk 2 my local shop but failed 2 mention how many times i have 2 stop on the way. I will not bore u lovely ppl with the rest of the LIES that was in letter but pls be aware if u have an assessment due as they are downright bloody liars. Xx

  • ty I am due one this year despite being awarded DLA mob & care for life in the early 1990's I have already crossed swords with these ppl when they changed me over to ESA they know naff all about medical conditions in fact there is no doctor or nurse among them.

  • It's the lies in the letter Ant that's what bugging me. Yes u r right my assessor was someone who worked for DWP not the medical profession. I will be appealing coz it's so wrong that they can treat us like this. I am not second rate citizen i have worked for yrs and paid into the system. Xx

  • and the single thing that really rattles my cage was until recently alcoholics and substance abusers can get PIP at the drop of a hat while us genuinely ill people have to fight and struggle to get what is rightfully ours by default.

  • And I wish you well in your appeal I had to use up all my appeals for DLA and got it on the final appeal thankfully it was back dated 18 months

  • Thanx Ant, will let u know how i get on. Xx

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