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postponed operation

Last week I wrote a post about my operation which was scedueled for 17th of this month,Went for my pre op on Monday,Have been advised to postpone the op till new year as they wernt happy with my chest,Had a chest infection two weeks ago but still not right so have to go back to the drs,also blood pressure was up.It will be better to get Christmas over with also they have put me right on a few things that was worrying me.Hope everyone is keeping warm and well in this awfull weather.

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hi spaniel,

its always rotten when things postponed, but with a chest infection, thieve good reason, but as you say, you can get christmas over, and at least it sounds like you have learned more, if it lessens the worry, then thats great, worry often doesn't help at all . [off course always easier said than done :) ]

kindest thoughts spaniel, and as you say, i hope everyone is bearing up in this weather....jimmy :)


Good morning i have higher blood pressure ,they want to remove part of my lung,i don't know if i can do it, keep warm, i am in antibiotics all the time know to stop infection,have a nice day


Hi Spanial, sorry your under the weather causing delay in your op. You sound quite happy to wait which no doubt is the best if your chest is not too good. Hope all goes to plan after Christmas and that you pick up a little health wise before Christmas so you can have a good one before your operation. Happy Christmas and a healthy new year.


Thank you all for your response to my post,Went to the drs yesterday they are doing a sputum test as my chest feels so tight,she has put me on carbocisteine to thin the mucus,dont know if its anything to do with the tablets,which I might add is like trying to swallow a bomb,I have been spending a lot of time in the loo for my water works,Oh the joys of life,roll on Christmas day.Keep well all of you


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