help for juney_99_antique

hi all, on the humour post "how to cook a turkey" juney_99_antique put a post on earlier today, needing help to access the forum ? the post is about half way down on that particular thread. i have tried to pm her with some links for the forum, but haven't heard from her. she might not have received my pm,s

but not quite sure what she is meaning,

either she has lost all her e mails..?

or lost all her pm,s, ?

or just cant access H.U. ?

maybe someone more computer literate than me can look at the post advise,

please try help her,,, jimmy [thanks in advance ]

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  • I have written to her Jimmy. Rib

  • good lad rib,, i've tried pm,ing but no joy,,,,, thanks rib ,,jimmy

  • Well if she cannot read my mail but can still see your post then you could send her to www.HealthUnlocked/help

    Where it lists what to do if things go wrong and how to fix them.

  • i don't think she can see my post rib ? she had put one post on that joking one "how to cook a turkey" thats the only one i seen,, but you will see shes asking for help,,, the post is about halfway down rib,, i said i would try help,,, but don't know what more i can do,,, i could try put the link you have given on that turkey thread,, i cant think of anything else,,, thanks rib,,, jimmy

  • Yes. I went and read that post. She says that everything had disappeared and the only contact that she could still see was you. I PM her just in case she can read it and then posted the help page link in the reply to you here. Without her email address there is no other way of contacting her. Rib

  • i havent a clue whats going on rib,?, i know that microsoft were working on the internet,, i can only assume she has lost her connection,,,i'm not really too clued up on computers,,, yet if she posted on that turkey thread,, wonder why she cant post again!!,, thats the first time i've ever pm,d her,, and that was because of that post,,,, i'm wondering how i could be the only contact !! as i have never been in touch before,,,i think we'll just have to hope she finds the problem herself,, as i've posted,and pm,d her,,and you have pm,d her,,, so really cant do anymore,, i'm very tired now rib,,,,,all the best,, jimmy

  • Good night Jimmy. Sleep well.

  • same to you my old friend :) im off to kip now,,need matchsticks to keep my eyes open :), jimmy :)

  • Hi Jimmy and all, I am having to post this on here - don't even ask how I have got this far - to thank you all for your help! I am still not getting what used to be a daily email from HealthUnlocked and starting to feel a bit out of touch! I am also missing emails from both my daughters who live in Qatar and Australia so that is a huge miss to me! I am now going to try HealthUnlocked helpline, as someone suggested, and see what happens then! In the meantime, thank you all once again for your kindness. Juney

    PS I just miss seeing what is happening to everyone each day!

  • Hi Juney great to see you back. I also do not get healthunlocked emails in my major email inbox any longer. This is because my email is sorting the healthunlocked emails into the "social" in box. I suspect the emails from your family might also not be sorted into your major inbox. I hope you can sort it out. Cheersxx

  • Hi Jenns, this posting of yours has come up in my email but not having any joy otherwise. Have sent help request to Health Unlocked and no answer as yet. Nothing in their list covers my problem. However, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Good to know you are all still around. Best wishes, Juney.

  • hi juney,, at least, for the moment, you can post on here. let us know how you get on,,, hope things get sorted out , i wish i could help you more juney,, the blf might be able to help,, good luck juney,, all will be sorted in the end,, love and best regards jimmy xxx

  • Hi Jimmy, just to thank you for your post - at least it has come up in my normal inbox! Think something must have happened earlier on to send my computer into this downward spiral! I will get to the bottom of it somehow. So glad to know that you are all still around and being so helpful. It does make me feel better. Will persevere and let you know what is happening. Love and best wishes, Juney.

  • I have just sent you another PM Juney which will hopefully fix the problems that you describe. Rib

  • hello Jimmy, just writing to thank you for the help you got for me during the computer episode! For the last two days it seems to have been back to normal so let's hope it lasts! I wouldn't bet on that though as it keeps playing up with other things! Like telling me I have sixty days of security left when I know for a fact I have about six months! Crazy things! It has done my head in over the past week so I am off to do some Christmas shopping to clear my head! Thank you again. Love and best wishes, Juney.

  • hi juney, glad you got things sorted out, your computer sounds like mine :) goes in fits and starts :) in fact over the last few days a bit like me,

    i would have posted sooner but haven't been near the computer for a few days, because of severe pain and a few sleepless nights,, i'm slightly better now though, so i,ll catch up on things slowly,,,but so glad you've got things going now, a big thanks to rib and jenns ,,, kindest regards juney,, jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy, sorry to hear you are not so well and hope you feel better soon. Just to cheered you up, I now have two lovely red squirrels popping into garden for nuts. I watch them and birds and rabbit for ages! Feel bit off myself tonight - using inhalers bit more than usual! It is so cold here (Lakes) so maybe that. Let me know how you are and take care. Love and best wishes, Juney

  • i'm ok juney , really, but thanks for your concern , its beautiful around the lake district, its great to see things like that, the red squirrels popping in to your garden , i'm the same, i love nature, and looking at the birds animals etc.

    sorry your feeling a wee bitty off, its possibly just the cold air juney?, its been real rough/cold/windy up here today. but i've did nothing daft today,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    yet ? :D

    lots of love kind wishes ,, jimmy xxxx

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