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Low sats

I was in hospital recently because i had my left leg amputated.Nearly on every occasion when the nurse took my obs my sats were always 90% so she told me to take deep breaths through my nose and breath out through my mouth which after a few times of doing that it got my sats up to 98%.I'm now finding that i gasp for breath quite often.I'm going to see my gp tomorrow.i also find i'm getting diźzy when i get out of the shower and i'm drying myself.Is there anything the doctor could give me to rectify the problem?

Many Thanks


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Good Morning! I am sorry I cant tell you what is causing the dizziness but you should tell your gp, fingers crossed they can help! Lots of love TAD ps My husbands SATS sit at 93 - so 98 is fantastic !! xxx

Hi, sorry about your problems. It might be worth buying an oxygen sats monitor. They are about £20.00 and you can get them on the likes of amazon. At least then you will know what your sats are when you are feeling dizzy of out of breath.

That's how I cheated to get out of hospital. They would not let me leave unless I was 94% or over. If you are still being SOB you should see your GP and tell him how you are feeling and ask for a spirometry test to see if that gives any answers. Most practices have the kit to do one now. It could be just the body trying to adjust to the differences.

Keep us posted.

Be Well

Sorry to hear about your health problems. You should ask your GP to refer you to a respiratory consultant at the hospital (if you haven't been already). You may need to be tested to see if you need oxygen from a cylinder to keep you going. Also you may want to get the GP to check your heart if you are feeling dizzy. I wish you all the best with your recovery.

Kind Regards


Hi Kev,

Let me start by saying I'm so sorry about your leg. You dont say too much about your situation. We are all here for you if you need to talk. Also, do you have copd? If you dont mind me asking, how old are you? You say your oxygen was 90 untill you took a deep breath or two. I have copd and I know my oxygen is around 92 when laying down , 96 when sitting, and 97, 98 when up and about. I would be interested to see what your dr. Says. Let us know how you make out.

Take care, ~ RUBY ~

Hi, so sorry to hear about the loss of the leg. It must be very difficult to adjust to.

Do see your GP regarding the dizziness. I should think your whole system would have been knocked for six. It could be virtigo. You can feel just awful with it as well as dizzy.

The 'in through the nose and out through the mouth is what most of us do to get our sats up.

All the best to you, P

Hi Kev, sorry to hear about your leg being amputated. As regards your sats, sounds to me like they are probably a bit low but the deep breathing before the measurement brought them up artificially. Ot's all very well to aee an improvement after a few deep breaths but you can't keep that up all the time and they are going to drop right back down again when you breathe at s normal pace. Buy an oxymeter - I'd recommend Biosync from Amazon and then take your sats at home for a week. If they are dropping down amy higher then 89/90 then contact your doctor again. Good Luck !

Not sure what is good or bad on sats, my average norm is around 95 and it never gets to 98. Have to try the deep breathing myself and see what happens. As for the dizzy spells Kevina there could be many causes one simple one is blood pressure changes especially when having a hot bath or shower. There are drugs that can help dizziness but it needs to be investigated for cause by your doctor first, so I hope your appointment gets things sorted so you are not worrying over these things. Good luck and best wishes.

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