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Some time I wrote a post about a operation I had to have on my spine at the neck ,Well after all this time I now having the op on the 17th dec,8 days before Christmas,My Daughter says she is going to liquidise my Christmas dinner,I hope it wont come to that,I have copd so I have been a bit worried about it.I am glad I have had some possative answeres to my concerns,I am now going with the view what will be will be.

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All the very best to you spanial... Do let us know how it all goes. Cheers :)


Just to say if your worried about anaesthetic due to COPD. Then please don't. I had major surgery 1 1/2 years ago and due to complications had 2 ops in a few days! The anaesthetic(s) were fine and they were fully prepared about the possible issues due to COPD.

Hope all goes well for you.


Wishing you the best of luck and the speediest recovery, lots of love TAD xxxx


thanks for your posts,will be glad when its over with,will let you know what happens good health to you all


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