IPF and aerosols

Hi all, quite new to this really. Husband recently confirmed with IPF so trying to find things out, sometimes reading up is quite haed.

Anyway does anyone know what the thinking is about using aerosols, room ones and deodorant ones?

Also do you know if there is any harm in burning essential oils?

So much really to find out.

Very good info from this so thanks to anyone who reads this post.

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  • Welcome to you both. I've only been on months, not years, and I felt very confused at the beginning, but I have learned so much from others on here so do stay with us!! :) I can only speak for myself, but I just can't use any kind of aerosol, personal perfume or room ones . this has happened to me the past year and a half - before that I was reasonably OK. I don't use any of those things now, including fabric softener with perfume. I am not allergic to them, they just make me breathless! :x I have COPD emphysema. Anyway, keep watching, as you are bound to get lots of replies. All the best to you both :)

  • Many thanks Louisiana, will keep watching.

  • Hi, I would avoid all aerosols if possible as they can be very aggravating to someone who has breathing problems. Pete does not like oil burners either and some perfumes can upset him too. It is a bit of trial and error sometimes but the obvious things like air fresheners, body sprays etc. are best avoided. I would also add that Pete cannot tolerate burning candles especially if they are perfumed.

    I do wish your husband well and hope I have been of some help to you. Take care. xxxx

  • I have had IPF for 13 years now and never had a problem with aerosols, perfume or anything else.

  • I have IPF,aerosols etc make me cough,even scented cleaners,I use a cleaner called breathease,usually available from Tesco.even walking thru a large stores perfumery section is awful.Sorry u have had to join this group,IPF rotten disease,you could also join the IPF group on Facebook,it's a closed group with over a thousand of us on there,brilliant group.Sooki.

  • Hi like others I cant use aerosols, scented candles, oils etc, Boots perfume dept at Christmas I avoid like the plague and certain flowers. I use roll on deodorant and like Sooki I use breathease

    bought from Tesco. Don't use plug in smellies, they are lethal and release chemicals. I am also a

    fairly new newbie on this site and have learnt so much so keep watching/reading.

    Take care


  • A lot of lung conditions are affected by strong smell and chemicals it is just finding which ones and avoiding them as much as you can. I recently posted how one of the supermarkets I use is in certain areas making me very SOB. I keep away from a lot of cleaning chemicals as they can nearly make me collapse. I put some drain cleaner down my mothers sink some years ago and fell back though the kitchen door luckily dropping the bottle in the sink.

    Be Well

  • Don't go within a mile of anything like that.

  • I'm new as well, though I do a great deal of lurking...lol

    I have COPD stage 4...or so 'they' say and have found quite recently I can't breath when I use certain products so now I use Ecover products for laundry and cleaning and find they're fine and don't bother me...and an open window, for even a little while, will dispense with nasty niffs.

    Just need a solution for the dogs bottom burps...

  • Love it we have 2 so any help in that direction I would appreciate, haha x

  • Welcome I cant have scented candles oios etc and avoid perfume s i can tolerate a couple of very subtle ones which i wear but anything stronger is a no no also cant use spray deodarents and certain cleaners including bleach they all set me off coughing . I think you get to know your limits !! Christmas perfume departments are the worst so i buy on line now . Best wishes Judith x

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