Well, I find it hard to read or believe

I find it hard to read or believe that there are not much information, groups, or gatherings for people down here in Cornwall, I Live nr Falmouth, and when I am trying to go on the web to find out if there are many groups or gathering for people with copd, it show up not a lot, so is there not many people here in Cornwll with copd? I would love to hear from others

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  • this is a pdf file peninsulacommunityhealth.co...

    It shows Breathe Easy groups in Cornwall and if you scroll down there is a contact for Falmouth hope this helps its on the BLF site.

  • There are numerous 'Breather's' groups in Cornwall - they are not BLF groups but they are award winning groups ran by patients for pateints. They meet weekly. I am not sure how long the Falmouth one has been going but here is the contact info: breathers.org.uk/local-grou...

  • Theres nothing much in Devon either. I have googled it and there is not much there. Can you see if you can find one in Devon please Parvati? South Devon. x

  • It would be lovely if there was more in Mid Devon, nice to meet and talk to people xx

  • Hello Mike. I live near Truro and will be looking up local groups. Thank you for bringing the subject up.

    I was diagnosed in June and the surgery gave me a Ventolin inhaler and sent me on my way.

  • you was diagnosed with copd in june and then sent on your way with a inhaler? wow! something wrong there ethen, needs to be checked again if I was you, I am finding it hard to track people down here in Cornwall who else have copd, or any groups that meets up for a coffee and chat

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