Captia home visit

has anyone else had the same thing happen to them as me?

I have been waiting since March 2014. I finally got my home visit with Capita on the 13 Aug. When she had finished she told me i would be hearing from the DWP in the next few weeks. Weeks have past and still not heard from them. Until today i got another letter from capita with an appointment for a home visit assessment on the 27 Oct to carry out the same assessment as they did in March I really don't understand what's going on. My circumstances haven't changed

Has it happened to anyone else. And what's happened to the assessment they made on the 13 March?

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Humph! I think you need to phone up and ask for an explanation, that's what I would do as this is all taking up time and is enough to make anyone anxious and that's not good with our condition! Good Luck,keeping fingers crossed for you, huff xxxx

I agree with hufferpuffer!!

this makes interesting reading annie

They should have it in their contract that any visits have to be completed before they can go or be paid.

Maybe the the company is so bad they do not care either way it is not their money that they are stopping.

Companies are driven by targets and profit - not people :(

So true but they are contracted to deliver the course on time and in the manner agreed!

yet who polices this - nobody it seems.

That is were it falls down. We complain and we are whingers?

If we do not complain than how can the system improve?

The problem is the department self administer their own punishment

your right :(

I would call them and ask why they have had to do 2 assesments. You will probably find they messed up AGAIN!

offcut is right annie - chase them.

Offcut don't let up. They are inefficient to say the least. Personal experience with my state pension. You have to keep on at them. Good luck.

Disgraceful that anyone who is ill has to jump through such hoops (metaphorically of course) to get what they are entitled to - shame on this b****y government

It sounds like they have lost the assessor report I would ring them it will cost a fortune but worth it to get it sorted.

I put in a claim for DLA it took the over a year to make up the mind I didn't have a home assessment and was turned down then my second claim I got someone to fill in the forms I phoned them to check they had received them a few weeks later I got a home assessment date and a few weeks I had a phone call from a decision maker she asked me if my condition had improved, I explained my condition would never improve I have COPD I was then awarded the low rate mobility .

In Private Eye, Capita is called "Crapita" and "the world's worst outsourcing firm".

After receiving confirmation from ATOS that they had got my application for PIP from DWP 10 days later I got a letter from DWP asking why I had not returned my application so nothing surprises me about these morons.The system is set up to thwart as many applications a possible.Keep at them and don,t let them grind you down! D.

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