Long flights ???

Hi all .not been on for a while ,hope yoiu are all breathing as easy as you can ...went to my sons wedding in Mexico in late August ..wonderful time ,but the long flight (10 hours ) awful ,stayed on oxygen the whole time ...since coming home I've not been very good ,breathing very bad ,sleeping impossible ...

I see my consultant on Friday ,don't think he will be happy with me ...I've got a walking test ,does anyone have any tips on how best to deal with it ..

Take care all x

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Hello Ladyinspain, I am pleased you had a lovely time at your sons wedding,how fab! It sounds like you may have a chest infection hopefully you will get sorted out on Friday but perhaps you should see a GP before then. The walk test is nothing to fear, please don't worry you will be fine I'm sure! Hope you can sleep tonight, let us know how you get on,huff xxx

Thank huff ,yes I'll let you know how I get on Friday ,hows things with you , are you well at the moment ?

Good thank you! just a bit worried about winter and staying warm in this drafty old house! :) xxx

Hello, glad you enjoyed the wedding. Just don't get all worked up and panic lady. that's the worse thing you can do. Your breathing will suffer. Forget your surroundings, if you can, and treat it like a walk to the shops with a friend. Imagine that is what you are doing. I watched some workmen out of the window. Good luck xx

Thanks Susie .a walk to the shops ,thats a great idea I'll keep

That in mind x

With the walk test make sure you don't eat before it, and if you do need to eat something make it quite light. Wear comfy shoes and clothes. Good luck

Thanks Marie I'll try to remember what you said ...

I am really interested on how you got on with the long flight. Who did you fly with and were you ok with the oxygen, did it cost you more, where did you get your insurance, did you have to have a fit to fly certificate and if so where did you get it. So sorry, bombarding you with questions like this but I am thinking of a long haul flight and trying to work out all the possible problems.

Hi Eve .I flew with Thompson on the new dreamliner airplane ,its supposed to have some fancy air con system that makes the jet lag easier ,jet lag never bothered me at all ,however that plane flies much higher than others ,that's why I had to keep the oxygen on all the time ,you have to have a fit to fly letter from your consultant which you give

to Thompson when booking & order your oxygen for the flight with them ..my son booked my insurance so not sure who with ,however the cost was around £350 .don't be afraid to go for it ,all it takes is good organization & off you go ....

Wow it sounds great but I don't think I will be flying Dreamliner however I might just go for it.......

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