Pete's problems

I don't often post but do like to read what others have to say but today Pete got a letter saying he may have sarcoidosis in the heart muscle. He had an MRI heart scan in July and apparently the hospital tried to phone us but did not get through. No idea why but will check. Pete is going to hospital on Friday for a Novacor test for one week. He has to push a button if he gets chest pain and it will take a reading, then he goes for an Angiogram on the 23rd to find out what is going on with his heart as he has become more and more breathless on exertion of any kind.

It has all come as a bit of a shock really but we will get through. Still no word about the MRI scan for his back though. Sleep well all. xxx

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  • Hi sassy, so sorry for Pete a lot more for him to go through, but least they are doing something and hopefully make things better for him, and how are u , as this bears on u 2, having to stay strong for both of u, take care BOTH of u. X Sonia x

  • Bless you Sonia, I am ok and staying strong. Trying to keep Pete going and not worrying too much. As you say, at least they are doing something for him. xxx

  • Well u know everyone is here for both of u, always on for a chat when needed. X Sonia x

  • Thank you. xxx

  • Poor Pete - it's wonderful that he has you to give him the emotional support. You both need a HUGE hug - wish I could give it to you, but I am sending it. Good luck with the results. nite nite....:)

  • Thanks for the hug Louisiana - much appreciated. You take care. xxx

  • Hi Sassy,sorry to hear of your probs.Hope Pete gets some good results from his tests.

    I'm glad you both have each other for support.

    I would question how the hospital took so long to contact you,something not right there!

    I sincerely wish him well,do let us know how it goes,

    Hugs & love to you both xxx

  • Oh I will be asking questions Wendells. Even if they could not get through on the phone, a letter could have been sent out much sooner. We are getting used to having to wait though now unfortunately. I will let everyone know how Pete gets on and wishing you well too. xxxx

  • Dear Sassy I am so sorry to hear of Pete's additional problem and worry. I hope he will get some good news when he has his tests. Thinking of you both. Lots of lovexxx

  • Thanks jenss, hope you and the family are doing well. xxxx

  • Crossing everything for you both Sassy. The only good thing I see about this is that at least his doctors seem to be proactive and keeping a good eye on him. So many of the doctors we hear about on this forum are careless about checking out extra symptoms. Wishing for the best result possible !

  • I agree Argana and I am grateful something is being done. Thank you xxxx

  • Hello sassy, keep strong and try to keep positive. Pete is one lucky guy to have you. Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Tell him to stay in there and keep fighting and I'm giving you both the best of wishes.xx

  • We are both lucky to have each other and our family close by too. Thanks for your kind wishes Suzy and Pete has lots of fight left in him yet. Best wishes to you too. xxxx

  • So sorry for you and Pete - especially when you should have had a phone call. On the positive side at least he is getting the medical attention he needs and will hopefully help him. Take good care of each other, lots of love TAD xx

  • You take care too TAD and thank you very much. xxxx

  • So sorry to hear this Sassy. Thinking of you both. P xxxxx

  • Cheers peeg, much appreciated. xxx

  • oh Sassy I am so very sorry to hear of this new development with Pete and hope you are both bearing up under this.

    You are both in my thoughts xxx

  • That is so kind of you eyes. In fact everyone on here is wonderful and I do appreciate the kindness and support. Take care xxxxx

  • THEY TRIED TO RING YOU IN JULY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they didnt try hard did they thats bloody disgraceful

    you know we are here for you if you need to blow your top x x x x

  • Thanks mandy, we did think that was wrong and will be mentioning it on the 23rd. I just don't get it and why does It take so long to send a letter? Ridiculous!

    Thanks for being here for me everyone. Lots of love, xxxxx

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