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Needing advice

Hi all you good folks,haven't been around for a while,have been down,anyway I have managed to purchase a ACapella but unsure how to use it.l bought the choice arrived yesterday.dont know what number to set it at. L guess l am a bit afraid to use.the physio who helped me is on holiday and the g.p. States ..never heard of it.just feel like giving up .one step forward and two back.can anyone please advise.thank you.Nellie

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Excellent. Full instructions and explanation. Thanks Stilltruckin. Rib


My advice to you is to start on the lowest number and take it slow. I have had an acapella for a few years now and I remember starting on 2 and thinking it wasn't doing anything, then up to 3 ditto,etc. Result - too much back pressure and aching lungs! So I had to start again. I am now on 2 and happy with that. It gets the result I need - loosening mucus and helping me to get reid of it more easily. Less coughing, I just need to remember to huff instead of cough or the aches come back. It is brilliant. Good luck.


Nellie15 please dont give up, you got acapella cos you needed it. Please persevere, listen to those who have the info.

Take care Nellie15.xxxx


Thank you all.just a bit afraid incase l do something wrong,my lungs are hellish and l guess l am anxious incase l do any more damage.

Sending a hug in exchange for courage.what a scar die cat l have become.will let you know how l get on.l really appreciate the advice.bless each and everyone


No no not a scaredy cat nellie, just apprehensive. I would be. Sounds good advise to start low until your physio comes back from holiday. Also it will help you to get used to using it. Good luck.


Hi Nellie good to see you again. Please try not to get uptight about using the acapella choice. Good advice from happyfeet - stick to the lower numbers until you see physio again.

I find the numbers are difficult to see. My physio thought 3 was good for me, ages ago mind, but to be honest as you get used to it you will find you will be able to work it out for yourself. Personally I don't even look at the numbers now. When I start my physio I twist the dial to the right (lowest) and that tends to bring up the gunk which is pretty much ready to come up. Later in physio I put it a bit higher. If you do postural drainage you may find it easier to twist the mouthpiece to the left if you are tipped with your right side uppermost and twist to right if left side uppermost.

Sometimes I think it depends how you are. When I am unwell I can only manage the lower numbers.

Just have a play with it. It is unlikely you will do any harm unless your like me and are a bit aggressive with your physio or do it for too long, but I am sure you will know when you have done enough.

Any questions fire away - there are lots of folks on here who use the acapella and who would be only too happy to help.

#love cx


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