What do you think ?

What do you think ?

Hi everyone...well i want to talk about Scotland today...as an american im lookn at this as a disaster for Scotland were to break away....they are going to need the unions help with many issues...and the person running the campaign is off his rockers....dont think he cares about Scotland whatsoever ...i am shocked by the blindness the Scots have in what could be a catastrophic decision tomorrow...what is the mood where you are ?

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  • i agree with you this could be bad very bad

  • No matter what happens after the vote tomorrow, I can see nothing but civil disharmony throughout the UK. The disparity between devolved powers offered to Scotland, but denied to Ireland and Wales, will only instigate further unrest within the union countries. Only the Scottish people can make their decision of whether to remain part of the UK or to be independent, and I feel you owe them an apology as the Scots I've met are neither stupid or blind.

  • I didnt say h

    they were stupid...although i did say they shouldnt break away blindly, please i would never say anyone or any country is stupid n blind...you mixed my words up ..cz i do feel that if they vote yes it will be a stupid decision and im sticking to it..but im not by all means saying any particular o person is...i have no reason to...my mother was part Scotish god rest her soul. And if i by any means offended you i am terribly sorry. please forgive me..i was trying to set what may be a bad decision to go independant....with that being said ..if Scotland does break. then im wishing them all the success in the world. Its a discussion not a personal attack on anyone...please try to understand what my point was..thnk u...wishing u n yours a nice wed.

  • Also the printout i put up is not a formidable toasting of the Scots...its basicalk

    basically a joke of sorts..no meaning behind it...just thought it was humorous....thats all.

  • I don't think I misinterpreted your words or the picture you posted in support of your viewpoint. The implication is there for all to see. I'm English, so you've not offended me personally.

  • ...and devolved powers denied to the English!!!!!!

  • Precisely, Scribe! Why should we suffer the added burden of paying for our prescriptions, when the Welsh and the Scots get theirs free?

  • Oh dear! what a palaver. I never thought any of this would happen in my lifetime. I am English and have always relished that we are the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I do think that this has caused a lot of unrest and will continue to do so no matter what the decision. Whatever the outcome, I just hope the Scots will be happy with their decision and that the rest of us can handle it.

  • Hi

    The yes /no debate by those that matter .

  • :D

  • I am Scottish and this is offensive!

  • But the remarks already made are the truth, Thomac. Some of the Scots are behaving badly. Say no more, this is a lung forum and not political forum.

  • I am terribly sorry ..i didnt mean to do that. This isnt the place for it...my mother god rest her soul was scottish and i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me

  • I think its great about scots yer defo should leave the sinking ship ..

    Far to long the scots av been test ground ... had whestminster will forced on them

    It will be just like it is in northern Ireland and republic ..

    Yet everyone seems to forget about republic of ireland eh in all doom gloom talk

  • I'm actually fed up with it all. My only comment which ever way the vote goes "there may be trouble ahead".

  • I agree independence would be a disaster but I don't think this is a subject for discussion on a site for people with health problems.

  • You have the choice to ignore the thread antan. The forum is many things to many people and this needs respecting. Its one way that people who may not be able to get out much can participate in the debate, (and the NHS thing that myself and others have raised is relevant too). That seems to me to be a valuable function of the site.

    There will be people with health problems in Scotland too who will be taking part in the debate and making their decision.

    Yours, Jean Stewart Fraser! (diaspora Scot)

  • You are absolutely 100% right...forgive me please. I was ridiculous for bringing it up

  • no you were not wrong in broaching this subject, it is topical and will someway or another effect us all, be it in the pocket eg ; fuel prices, your gas and electricity for one, in my own opinion the UK has never really been united. The Welsh are Welsh, The Scots are Scottish, The Irish are Irish, and the rest of us are, take us as you find us, Cos we got Saxon, Norman (whoever Norman was ) Nordic, Germanic, and Lord knows whatever other blood is running through our veins, but me I am a Lawn Mower you can tell me by the way I walk :P :P :D

  • As a Scot I have to say:

    1. Not all Scots are blind 2. I agree it would be a disaster if it happens.

    3. Nothing in your post was humorous. 4. I agree with the person who pointed out that this forum is not really one in which to discuss a very serious political issue!

  • I have asked for forgiveness of a couple others. I am terribly sorry. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I did a stupid thing. And i hope you can find it in your heart to grant me forgiveness. I am not funny and neither was this.

  • Whichever way they vote, the Scots are neither stupid, nor "blind" - you can't put in an image like that into your expressed opinion and then claim it was just a joke, Jimmy.

    Independence has been an issue for the Scots for decades. But currently one of the major things fuelling the debate is an Eton-based government which cares for little beyond their own patch in London, let alone Scotland. It has decimated much of our institutions especially the NHS, railways etc. Many MPs and peers have interests in the private companies they allowed to do this. Why wouldn't Scots want out?

    What the debate has foregrounded is the nature of democracy and whichever way it goes i think we should all respect their decision. Yes it will stir things up (including e.g. stuff like the NHS, free prescriptions for the Scots etc) but as things stand something needs to change.

  • Spot on O2Trees. This arguing is ridiculous, especially by those of us which it doesn't concern! If I were younger, I'd be out of this country like a shot. It's not a "United" country anymore and the "Eton boy bullies" should look at the real world and come out of their rich, pampered cocoons. What I'd like to know is - if Scotland does become independent, what happens to the Union flag, do we remove the St. Andrews one from it??

  • O2trees....you are exactly 100% right. Ive made a critical error in judgement. Ive asked for forgiveness from 3 others and ill ask you also. ..like i also stated my mother was Scottish, ive been to Scotland with a football team (soccer to us)....i by no means intended to downgrade anyone....i have been scolded by a few ppl and all i can say is forgive me i will never stray awayfrom health questions again

  • Appreciated Jimmy.

    But see my reply above - non-health related topics are fine imo - i think its ok to talk about most things and people have the choice whether or not to engage. For instance Im not much of a one for jokes on here and some others have said that, but I've always agreed with the right of people to post (non-offensive) jokes as this forum is for everyone and many are isolated at home and enjoy humour, debate and other exchanges besides health. We can argue and sometimes disagree without throwing brickbats at each other.

    Thanks for your reply :)

  • Hello Jimmy, don't get into a state about this! Of course you are entitled to bring up subjects which are not always about health. This is a situation which affects many people and you should be able to discuss it on this site. It makes a change from lungs! For some unfortunate people this is the only site they relate to and I am sure they enjoy having a discussion about something other than their lung problems. I give up on people generally as I find that they will take offence at all things whether offence was intended or not! It is quite obvious that you did not mean to be offensive. If only people would read between the lines but they never do. God give me strength!

  • The way I look at it is....united we stand...divided we fall. I'm Welsh...I love the English and I love the Scots...lets stay TOGETHER.

  • I hope it is a yes vote. Be great for them to break away from damaging policies of governments that so often do not represent their much more progressive vote. And when good stuff happens north of border it can show right wing propaganda for what it is. I say however more social justice can be achieved ... go for it. I do wish those who express opinions such as yours actually looked into the facts enough and past the bias.

  • Yay Julie! well said.

  • I am saying nothing but I read the whole thread to date

  • People have a choice to make mistakes! It's not easy to mend some of them bcz the consequences can last a life time or more!

  • dailymail.co.uk/news/articl...


    'The dark side of the campaign for Scottish independence can be laid bare today.

    In a string of sinister incidents, separatists have used bullying and intimidation to cow their rivals.

    Pro-union voters have endured stone-throwing, been called traitors and faced threats that their houses will be torched.

    Many are now said to be too scared to show their support for fear of reprisals that might follow a defeat for the nationalists in tomorrow’s vote. . . .'

  • I live less than a mile from the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. I have a "No" poster in my window. About one third of my friends are also voting "No" but the rest are strong "Yes" voters. I have had lots of heated arguments - sometimes with complete strangers - but NO intimidation whatsoever. I know there have been some incidents but not on the scale this implies - nor solely from the "Yes" side. Please - whatever the topic - don't believe what you read in the "Daily Mail"!

  • Agreed elja - "bullying and intimidation" are unacceptable but there's always a slippage in the DM so that nasty incidents like this are seen as being carried out by and discrediting the whole yes campaign. Without stigmatising groups the DM would have little to write about :)

  • Quote -"Salmond started his political life as a committed left-winger inside the SNP and was a leading member of the socialist republican organisation within it,"

    Being a Socialist and a Nationalist rings warning bells with me........Google "National Socialist" and see what you get!

  • I wouldn't trust Salmond as far as I could throw him but to compare him to the Nazis is extremely insulting to the millions killed by Hitler and his allies.

  • I've been wondering when someone else would say/think what we have been saying all along about Googling National Socialist! I am dreading the result!

  • Couldn't agree with your more. Personally I blame Mel Gibson for looking so gorgeous in that kilt. On a more serious note; it will be disastrous for the Scots, economically. They can kiss goodbye to free university tuition. They don't that much oil!

    Take care.

  • Don't worry we { the UK } will end up bailing them out like we do with Ireland and many other countries this is why expensive drugs are held back from patients in the UK and we have people sleeping in door ways

  • As some of you know I am Scottish (very ) and find some of this tosh hilarious.I live in England and believe we Scots have saved the English from never ending Tory governments.I hope we continue to do so otherwise I will be forced to move as I will not live in a selfish,greedy society as createdby the Tories.I am a true socialist and make no apology for that,we all need to look after each other.Greed will be the death of mankind!Scots Wahay!!!D. :D

  • What everyone is missing in my opinion is how passionate many Scots are, on both sides of the debate, about their Scottish identity. This trancends politics and is why so many have become engaged in this referendum. 97% of those entitled to vote have registered - 97%!!! unheard off!

    Whatever they wake up to tomorrow morning, up to half of them will be disappointed. But no-one should belittle what is happening. This is democracy at its best.

    I think the No campaigners were too complacent, taken by surprise and left scrambling about like fish out of water. David Cameron, talking about ****ing tories, just didn't get it. Ed Miliband running for cover , didn't get it. Who would have known that Gordon Brown would be the one who did? His final speech was a showstopper! Gordon Brown!! That's what a Scots passion for his country can also look like.

    Good luck, Scotland, whatever the outcome, I've a feeling you'll need it.

  • I agree that the leaders of the "No" campaign were thoroughly complacent and every time they spoke ("If you don't play by our rules, we'll take the ball away") I could feel another 50,000 votes going to "Yes"! I couldn't care less about my "Scottish identity" but I care passionately about socialism and voted "No" because I want it - eventually - for the whole of the UK, not just the bit where I live.

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