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I am a specimen (new I had to be some use to someone!!!!)

Got a call to ask if I would consider being a guinea pig for some 3rd year doctors, as although asbestosis is well known not many people actually suffer from it !!... As ever the gentleman and wanting to advance the awareness I gladly agreed.... Then they said the trainee doctors had never examined a real person.... Gulp.!!!!..... said as long as their hands are warm ad they are not sticking anything in me it would be ok !!!!! anything for the advance of science !!! Wednesday could be an interesting morning !!!!!!!!

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Hey! have FUN!!! :)


Louisiana My brain imagines all these sexy young doctors - my heart says most will have beards and play rugby and be as subtle as a brick around the ear !!!!! :P :P but I'm game for a laugh !!!! :D


Well done Bob. It's nice to be useful to someone isn't it? :d x

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I have been a 'model patient' several times in the past year for the medic student exams and have enjoyed the experience very much. I have also been used when in hospital for the newer students to practice on. The first year students practice taking medical histories, asking questions and honing their bedside manners. The final year ones take history, examine, diagnose and decide treatment amazingly proficiently.

If you are doing it for the exams you will be well looked after. I was given my car costs, breakfast croissants, tea and biscuits and a buffet lunch on the day.

The students are under great stress as they are strictly timed from when the door opens. I found it best to listen to their questions, answer as briefly and as focussed as I could and to try not to waffle (which I am rather good at!).

Early on some naughty students took me by surprised by asking me ' do you know whats wrong with you?' Well I've had it for 60 years so - yes I do! but my stock answer to that now is 'I do - but I'd like to hear what you think'.

Have a good day.


Your experience sounded interesting Happyfeet -but don't think mine is going to be so intense - As my condition sounds very similar to many other conditions I think they want to see who ask the right questions and not just assume crackling is general fibrosis, (and that's not me making light of fibrosis which is just as serious) Its educating them to ask the right questions, get a history and go through a process of elimination.

They are holding it at my local surgery so no travel or food :(

Know what to say now when they ask whats wrong with me - Cheers :D :D


You will have a great time. So will they. It's one thing reading and watching videos but the real thing. Well done you. I loved being special when my fibrosis was crackling.


Dozy :) xxx


I was in hospital with a severe lung infection and was given morphine which for some reason does not seem to affect me like most peeps. It got to the stage that they had given me so much that the Doctor asked if he could bring in some students to ask me some questions? I was not going anywhere so agreed. Not long and 4 young doctors to be popped in. And went though their questioning. The Doctor then asked them to tell him how much morphine I had been giving? Based on my manners and replies? Not one of them got close but I am sure they learnt a very big lesson, that we are not all the same.

Be Well


Wow Bob, sounds like fun and I will be thinking of you. Pete wonders if they would like to examine him with his sarcoidosis and all? No? Ok, maybe another time. Can't blame the poor man for trying. xxxx


Sounds like a fun day,good luck,& don't tease those poor Docs. to much!! xx


AS I had both my lobectomies at age 15 & 16 and this was a new operation then for bronchectasis...I went back every year when the final doctors exams were on so be there all day while they 'tested' the doctors..I stopped going when my social & work life interfered.... but have been used again if I have been in hospital any time near the exam times for doctors .

The student doctors that I had experience of the last time were amazingly good...and I commented to the Consultant conducted the 'exam' especially about one of them and she said that he was going to be a great respiratory consultant one day..

I have never heard of this kind of exam/investigation being held in a doctors surgery, but will be really interested to hear all about you day when you have it PlumBob

Love Sohara


Could be interesting - but for whom???? Good luck xx


I always allow students,not only to help out but it makes it less boring being examined,nothing to do with cute young doctors of course lol.D. :D

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Good on ya Plumbob - hope they learn a lot from you.

Know the feeling happyfeet and Sohara bronchiectatics, especially those with bits of lung lobbed out seem to attract the sharp suit at the nurses station, surrounded by a group of nervous looking students. When he's looking over your way whilst he is talking for a while - brace yourself. It's quite interesting to hear some of their opinions and comments, without giving any sign of whether they have got it right or not.

Let's know how you get on PB.



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