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Hospital Letter to GP

When your hospital writes to your GP or your Consultant writes to your GP about treatment do you get a copy of the letter ? I do and I am so glad I keep them all in a file.

My GP's Practice Manager has just tried to deny that two letters had ever been received until I quoted dates and reference number then she found them on their computer system, unfiled with my records so the GP's had NO access to these letters.

This is interesting and important, I have made a claim against my GP's and the practice for negligence a this looks to me like a way for GP's to get zero blame, blame the poor lass who files the letters but not the GP. Well either way the practice is at fault so they will end up in court for compensation.

read more here if you are interested ;-

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Good for you Peter. They think they can get away with anything but forget we have the right to our own information.

Long gone are the days when we trusted our doctors, solicitors and accountants without question - and thank goodness for that! :D



I always ask to be cc'd in on all consultants visits. It also saves you £35.00 if you want that info from your GP.


I copy all letters and file,just in case!D.


This should be a mere formality. I used to ask for a letter. Now it's done routinely! Never had any problem with GP or GP surgery.


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