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Please advise

Didn't get gp app.hopefully tomorrow.have spent time looking online at various devices the flutter and the accapello .which seems to come in two colours

Do these have to be charged

What is the difference in strength

How often can they be used.which ones are restricted

Great price difference...e baycompaired to other sites,are eBay ones less effective

Sorry to be a nuisance.i am sure g.p. will not be helpful,I honestly was not aware of these aids don't know if it is because l live in Scotland. I do want to buy something that I can carry in bag,meanwhile I will carry on with bottle and straw

Thanking everyone for your imput.i never would have known without your help

Nellie x

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Hi Nellie, please read through this discussion.

As I said previously to me the acapella device looks better due to not needing specific angle when using (eg, can use lying down) so should be easier to use ...

... and look up for acapella

No these devices do not need to be charged.

blue acapella < 15 lpm for 3 seconds, green acapella > 15 lpm for 3 seconds.

The Acapella Choice version can be pulled apart and sterilised.


Pap worth hosp site excellent. Thank you so much

Much appreciated

Nellie x


Hi Nellie

jenss reply with link very helpful. The acapella to get (the one they use mostly in hospital) is the Acapella Choice - it is green. Had a few from the hospital in my time but bought the last one from Amazon. If you buy one from medical companies don't forget to ask about VAT exemption on medical equipment.

You could ask you GP to refer you to a physio who should be able to help you choose the best way of lung clearance and gadgets. No batteries required hun.

Any more questions please don't hesitate to ask - there will always be someone around to help. You are not a nuisance at all. In fact good on yer for gathering as much info as you possibly can.

Love cx

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Thank you.just don't want to purchase if no good for me. and scared I do anymore will be interesting to hear why these aids were not mentioned.just finished rehab.neither the physios or breathe easy clients or will be interesting to hear what he says

Regards Nellie x


That's the reason you need to see a respiratory physio - these gadgets are expensive, although if they are of benefit to you can be priceless. As Puff says you should be able to get the Flutter from your GP on prescription, hopefully in Scotland. We are all different and most of us have a preference for a particular PEP - the one we find most beneficial.

If you have mucus on your lungs which needs to be cleared and if you have no other health issues I can't see what damage can be done, but as you are seeing the GP tomorrow maybe you could ask him/her. I doubt he will know much about PEPs and that would be another reason to refer to physio. Have you seen cf patients tipped up doing postural drainage and clapping their chest with cupped floppy hands? The reason is to trap the air and this in turn vibrates the mucus loose. All the PEPs do a similar thing, but internally. They use resistance and vibrations to loosen the gunk.

Good luck

love cx


I have a flutter device. I mentioned about them to my doctor and got it on prescription. Maybe you could to. I use it and it does help clear mucus. I've used it for a couple of years and have suffered no damage. All you do is force the air out your lungs a bit.


Try to get it from your GP. or consultant as it's prescribed free on the NHS.