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Has anyone else come across Repneu lung reduction coils?

Does anyone know about a new treatment for COPD called 'RePneu' lung volume reduction coils. The treatment consists of coils made from nitinol (nickel and Titanium) 150mm long. A sheath initially keeps them straight but when released they spring into coils. When inside the lungs the spring gathers up and compresses the diseased tissue. This tightens the healthy areas so they can function better. Devised in USA in 2007 trials have been staged in UK with 50 sufferers reporting very positive results in exercise capacity and quality of life.

This year infections have left me in a more severe stage of COPD and during a visit to a consulant at Exeter respiratory unit I was told this procedure will be discussed with me toward the end of this year with a view of being offered it.

The procedure takes 30-40 minutes inder sedation and usually 12 coils are inserted into the longs.

There is hope!!

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Yes I read an article about them, I've seen my G.P who has referred me for the trial still waiting for a response.

Kim xx


Hello hallentine47

Look at what I wrote as a reply to an earlier question on this subject. An easy link to it is here :



thank you johnwr.

that was so interesting. This is why this site is so important to us all, to be able to get such onformation. I will not be made aware for at least 16 weeks if I am suitable or not. I have to repeat Pulminory Rehab before the consultant will see me again and I am a waiting list for the rehab.


Hello Hallentine,

Yes, this treatment has been mentioned on here once before. I went straight to my GP when I read it, and he has written for a referral to the Royal Brompton hospital in London for me. I have not yet received an appointment, but will update on this site if I have any news. N


This sounds exciting,I,m going to ask my consultant about it on the 29 th,hope I,m suitable for it.D.


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