A pint of cider and a packet of crisps please, I'm celebrating!

A pint of cider and a packet of crisps please, I'm celebrating!

I had time and energy today so I thought maybe I would test myself and see if I could get to the pub. There's one little problem with this pub, even though I can see it from my front window it involves getting up a very steep hill which ends with 218 big steps or the equivalent of climbing my stairs around 30 times over.

Stage 1, I set out at a steady pace with the oxygen set on 6 liters and as usual after a short distance it starts to hurt, I look up to where I'm attempting to get to and the little voice inside my head say's turn back you fool you don't have to do this, but I do because this would be a sign of giving into my Fibrosis and that's just not going to happen.

I get to the top of my estate in 20 minutes which is not a bad time when my mobile rings Painted Black by the Stones, it was my daughter ringing to tell me she had just passed her driving test which totally made my day, year and life and put an extra spring in my step for the rest of my tortuous journey.

Stage 2, I got to the start of the 218 steps and thought, do 20 get your breath and do another 20 until there's none left, simple's en it. I won't pretend that its easy because I am pushing myself beyond any safe limits set by my physio's and respiratory nurses who would probably give me a bit of a lecture if they could see me but I've done this before and I'm still here and improving so I cant be to far wrong can I.

I reached the last step, now it was just a short walk up the very steep bit and I was there, whew!!!

That pint was going to taste as good as the first coke and kitkat I had after a 2 1/2 month stay in ICU and it didn't let me down.

I got to the bar an hour and a half after leaving home and ordered a pint of cider and a packet of crisps please found a quiet corner, sat and had a quiet celebration at my daughters success an hour before.

Its been quite a day healthunlockeders, my daughters taken a major step forward in her life and independence and I've proved to myself that I am still showing no signs of the deterioration the experts keep looking for and are expecting.

All in all I'm a pretty happy healthunlockeder today :)

I hope you've all had a good day too

Tony. 'That's my house where I started from in the picture, way down below on the estate'


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  • Hi well done and real respect, that took a hell of a lot of doing, and courage to even get started. I believe your commitment to regular excise and your courage to keep pushing yourself is whats keeping you safe from further progression. I hold the same point of view and try to work out most days, I use O2 to get around and try to push myself as much as possible, but what you have achieved in getting to the pub was way above any challenge I have set myself to date. Your an inspiration and I for one would love to hear from you again and follow your progress.

    I will be pushing myself a bit hard in future.


  • Fantastic stuff for both you and your daughter x

  • Well another great achievement Tony. I'm exhausted just reading it. Glad you enjoyed your reward and the view. Now there is a hill I used to run and up down as a child, North Downs ridge, I wonder if I could get to the top. Congratulations to your daughter on a big milestone in her live.

  • Amazing Tony. Xxx

  • Well done my friend, can I call you" my friend?" This is the attitude we all need, my consultant tells me to keep on golfing, he's never seen me play!! I don't make it very often but today is the day. I go round on a buggy with the O2 cylinder on the back. one day I maybe won't be able to make it, but not yet.

    Breathe in Breathe out

  • Very well done!!!

  • You are AMAZING !!! a total inspiration to everyone....

    Lord knows what you will be able to do when you get your new lungs !!!!

  • Tony, I think you're very brave, determined and tenacious, but ........ maybe a little bit mad too :) IMHO, the only way to visit a pub in that location is by helicopter.

    218 steps !!! Who visits this pub anway ? Olympic athletes, people in training for climbing Mount Everest ? Do they offer complementery resuscitation ar the door ?

    Keep on exercising but find a new local :)

    And congratulations to your daughter !

  • Well done, Tony. Still my inspiration. ;)

  • Scary stuff Tony - just by looking at replies to your blogs, one can see how other fellow sufferers, after reading it, are in awe of your achievements. So you are helping others as well as yourself. Well done mate

  • Absolutely awesome. I was so impressed. I thought that I made a decent effort to to try and do as much as possible,but you are on a different planet. Well done. I do get to the pub but on my scooter

  • Well done Tony,respect!!!D.

  • - Oh my God - I was scared for you reading your post and so relieved when you reached your destination. Well done you.

  • Phew tony, heart -in -mouth story. My heart was pounding for you. I honestly don't know how you do it. You enjoy the rest of day, you deserve it. x

  • What a great tale. Well done you. I know it seems difficult etc but you do have to push yourself on, not just to push yourself physically but mentally too. What a brilliant achievement. I'd probably have had two pints! :-)

  • Well done you Tony and you so deserve to have your cider and crisps after all that. You keep on fighting sweetie and stay strong. Well done to your daughter too and tell her to drive safely. Lots of love. xxxx

  • Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please - make going down the hill a little less bother

    Well done you hills in the summer treadmill in the winter

  • I doubt if many " normal " people could make that climb without a few stops on the way. Well done again Tony ! :)

  • well done to you ......

    you're daughter, well that's it now, she'll be forever broke

    & the pub - they're the winners in all this ....... their takings are up.

  • Congratualstions, both on your daughter who passed her driving test, and you! You passed your walking test. How marvellous!

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