A few happy days

My darling Alize

Is staying with her nanny for a couple of days

It has been a while since we last met

More nibbles and snacks I need to get

And now she can talk!!!

"come wivving woom nanny" holding hands we walk

Jibber and jabbering we play with her toys

Im puffing like a goodun so call my boys

Shes now flying through the air

Like a fairy without a care

Her squeals of delight

Bring such joy to my sight

A great day

A happy day

And now its time for bed

"love you darling sweetdreams" I kiss her little head

"I wuvv you nanny ,really lots...

Thats all for now folks

:) :) :)

Breathe easy


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  • Hi Jane,

    That is lovely, and straight from the heart. Your love for your granddaughter shines through and I hope you continue to have a great time together and lots of fun. Young children are such a lovely distraction from all the chaos going on around you. Take care, hugs xxx

  • Hi Huggs its been a lovely couple of days she is a funny little girl bringing lots of smiles.Weary now though looking forward to my bed tonight .Hope your keeping well at the mo ? :) Janexx

  • You made me smile how lovely for both of you xxxx

  • Hi Tadaw she certainly made me smile too ,she is very willful and cheeky bags of personality,god only knows how she will be come the teenage years I think my daughter will have her hands full for sure,a great character bless her heart.Are you and your hubby keeping well hows his moods he was feeling fairly flat at one point,the lows grab us all from time to time sadly,peeks and troughs eh? :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, You are kind asking about my husband actually we have leapt from one minor disaster to another and he has now developed kidney stones ! - apparently as painful as childbirth but I did question the male consultant as to how many children he had given birth to!!! I am so glad you had a good time with your grand-daughter - My children are young adults now except my teenager and I do miss those days with the little ones. Such fun! Glad you are keeping well. TAD xx

  • Oh blimey Tadaw it never rains then a monsoon hits,your poor hubby.They make you laugh the doctors,they normally make the worst patients themselves and freak with pain bless them lol.I do hope his suffering will be over soon.What are they giving him now for anxiety if the citalopram are no good ,years ago they gave valium and ativan but they are really addictive I understand but do work,my mum was on valium all her life never got addicted ,she would cut her 10mg pill into 4 and if she was only a little anxious would only take one of the quarters other times a whole one bless her she did make me smile.Yes our little ones keep us young at heart can be hard work but so worth it.You keep those docs in line and hope there are no more minor disasters . :) Janexx

  • We have decided to give it a month drug free go on hols and then re-assess!! Xx

  • Very nice longlungs, you sum up the pleasure of being a grandparent so well.

  • Hi grandadbrian its great being a grandparent no stress with them well not as yet or ever hopefully :) Have had a lovely time she came on my Gertie (scooter) in the park saying "faster nanny faster" she is a little dare devil for sure no fear what so ever.I need to recover now lol. Hope you are Keeping well :) Janexx

  • Oh so sweet. Enjoy the time with your little precious. xx

  • Hi Suzy yes they are all our little precious kidderlies,love them to pieces.Dont see them that often so I make the most of it when I do.How are you at the minute? :) Janexx

  • Aw Jane that is lovely :) xx

  • Ah thanks coughalot it was lovely to have her here funny little thing she is put a much needed smile on my face I have to say.Felt good to put a happier post up.hope alls good with you at the min? :) Janexx

  • That is lovely longlungs. Joyce

  • Hi Evelene thank-you I have had a special couple of days just lovely.My Bailey (puppy) and her are like partners in crime very funny to watch them playing together.Hope you are well at the moment? :) Janexx

  • Thank you Jane I am OK other than an episode with a bad back for a month which is on the mend,might be another 2 years or so before .I get another one.we have 4 grown up grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Myy pride and joy is our youngest granddaughter Beth now 6. I helped look after her when she was a baby when my daughter was finishing her university course. We are best buddies and have lots of fun together. She phones me with exciting news eg if she has lost another tooth or got some housepoints at school. When she was a toddler she loved our nature walks nearby and would collect stones in her little truck,she worshipped macka packa from the night garden on TV. She also loves wizzing round with her grandad on his mobility scooter.If any of the family jokes about the silly things I do sometimes like putting on odd shoes she jumps to my defence. Now she loves to do little jobs to help me like dusting or filling the bird feeders or putting out nuts for the squirrels in the garden.They know how to make you feel good do not they? Keep well. Joyce

  • Hi Joyce glad to hear your back is improving ,they do hurt lots when they show off.My little Savana loves macka packa aswell my daughter made a beautiful b'day cake with all those characters she was bold over with it.My Alize is a dare devil and when she comes on my gertie ( scooter) she wants me to go faster and faster and just loves to go over the bumps on pavements ,she squeals with delight and I feel like i've lost me liver lol. Look after yourself see you soon :) Janexx

  • That was really lovely. M x

  • Hi Mocarey how nice to hear from you ,are you feeling better after your 5* visit do hope so? Yes Ive had a lovely time ,weary now so will have a quiet time now to recover from her little antics,love her heart. Breathe easy :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, I'm still so fatigued it's depressing me a bit. But i keep hoping things will pick up soon. My daughter Beth and her little family arrived home from their fortnights holiday yesterday and it cheered me up no end. I hadn't seen the kids for a few weeks because i didn't wan't them to come to the hospital in case they would pick up an infection. So I got lots of lovely cuddles and that was wonderful. Better than all the medication i can think of. Take care. M x

  • Hi M these knocks with our health do take longer and longer to recover as we get older unfortunately so take it slow your get there.Yes your right you cant beat those cuddles and laughter from our grandchildren really lift you up.Such a shame we have to think of all the nasty germs there are at hospital these days.When visiting my daughter with her children one day the nurse came up to us and said she recomended us to leave as they were full of dciff and mrsa,I didnt need to be told twice! Keep getting better and take care M. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane,

    Yes, I am on the way up again, I hope. You know how it is, one thing on top of another. My chest infection is almost cleared up, and I have lost a week of my memory, but that's probably a good thing! LOL You take care of yourself and look forward to the next time you can have your granddaughter to stay. I know its bound to be exhausting, but children and animals can give us so much. You are blessed to have her in your life. Take care and look forward to seeing you around more often if you are up to it. If you aren't, don't worry, because you are never alone, and you can always pm someone if you don't want to go on the open forum. lots of hugs, Huggs xxx

  • Oh Huggs what happened for you to loose a weeks memories? Yes Iam blessed to have my grandchildren they do bring a lot of joy into my life as do my pets aswell.My cat is very in tune with me and always comes running to my side when he hears me struggle to breathe and always walks me up the stairs bless him.My Bailey (puppy) is just so funny but is a thief and taken a liking to my cough sweets and is always stealing them if he spots the opportunity.

    Thank-you for your kind words huggs nice to hear and to have huggs :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane,

    Don't worry about me losing memories. It happens. I have epilepsy which is not that well controlled and I had two seizures last weekend on top of each other, and it affects the memory of things before and after the seizure. I am use to it now, but there is a point when I first come round and am completely disorientated and confused so that causes me to panic a bit, until I remember I have epilepsy.

    I have also been use to having dogs but can't look after them now which really does break my heart, as I love dogs so much. Tammy died almost 3 years ago, and I still miss her. I do have Felix though who keeps me on my toes, although he is getting on a bit now. Co-incidentally he also developed epilepsy after sustaining an eye injury, and a lot of fluid built up around his eye near his brain. He had to have his eye removed, so he sometimes gets called Nelson! Its funny you saying your cat is so in tune with you, its the same with Felix and I. More so now, because I cant let him out in case his remaining eye gets injured, and he is such a sooky boy! He goes in the huff if I am out longer than an hour! He is so funny.

    I hope you keep better Jane, and I am so glad that you have your pets, they do make such a difference to our lives. Take care, love and hugs from Huggs xxx

  • Gorgeous Jane. Aren't they an absolute joy - and love makes the world go around :D

  • Hello peeg how the devil are you? They most definitely are they really bring the light and laughter into my life bless their little hearts.My daughter had the health visitor round and before was exclaiming to me about the the constant pooing by her pets using the 's' word,my Alize was taking it all in.So when health visitor was asking the names of the dog and 2 cats ,Alize told her and added "mummys cross with them ceaning shit!! " oops language Timothy lol.They can always pronounce that naughty word clear as crystal where they shouldnt.

    Yes its all about the love and quality time with those we love.Do hope your keeping well peeg takecare now :) Janexx

  • Lovely to here from you Jane, it really is.

    Yes, they are hilarious but I'm afraid my little Daisy gets here baddy mouth from her grandma. "Bloody hell" she huffs when's she's annoyed and f.. f...s sake under her breath. Oh dear,

    She loves me to take her to Gard Kewens. We have such fun.

    I'm not bad at all, a bit wheezy but I think that's stress. I'm selling up & it's nerve racking. Summer is my best time.

    How's about you?

  • Just saw your post Janey,I was missing for a while,trying times with hubby,having bad loss of memory etc,& I was running out of puff with the Copd ! Not a good combination,but getting things together a bit more now!

    Grandies are wonderful aren't they,if a bit tiring!Mine are all teenagers up,except for Maggie who's 10.I do miss there baby years though.Lovely to have those memories though.

    Do Hope you're keeping as well as one can be,

    Love & hugs xxxx

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