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hi all i asked about the antibiotic assessment that my hubby was going to have .well we been today and he wont be able to have it has his lungs arnt strong enough any idea s about what he will have instead . he would of been taking this drug through a machine or something . we were getting a bit excited because we had people saying they felt better .any knowledge would be really appreciated .his fitness class has also stopped because his blood pressure is going to over 200 . thx

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I know nothing to help you, unfortunately, but can't understand how his condition could prevent antibiotic assessment.

Doesn't make sense to me - I hope someone knows but it's got to be worth phoning the helpline.



I am assuming you are talking about nebulised antibiotics chrissy. They can irritate the lungs and some people can get a reaction, that is why you have an assessment at the hospital. You don't say what antibiotic they were using, but it could well be they may decide to try a different nebbed ab. I reacted to one ab but they are going to try a different one. I wonder have they tried a similar thing orally i.e. used as a prophylactic not as a treatment (to dampen down bugs to fend off full blown infection) eg Azithromycin 1 3 times a week? Worth giving BLF a ring to explain in more detail.

Sorry you dh's bp is too high to continue his class.

Hope things settle down for him soon and he gets on the right meds.

love cx


thx cofdrop he already on azithromycin this assessment was for colomycin .he dosnt have enough breath or something he is on the active lung transplant he needs a double lung transplant . but he had a bit of infection about 3 weeks ago and it seems to have knocked him for six .i think he might hear from newcastle and maybe they will do something xx

thx for enlighting me x x


Sorry to hear this chrissy. I hope they come up with something which will be of benefit to your dh before the transplant.

Let us know how he gets on.

love cx


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