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Anyone with bronchiectasis on prophylactic antibiotics.


I was diagnosed with emphysema and bronchiectasis 18 months ago, my consultant suggested prophylactic antibiotics but at the time I didn't think I was ready for that mainly because what happens when your body gets used to them and no longer work. Anyway I have been on abs on and off for the last 3 months and beginning to wonder if I shouldn't give prophylactic antibiotics a try I feel so much better and cough less when I am on abs what do you think..


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I was constantly getting chest infections for a long time. I worked my way through all the usual antibiotics over the years, and some of them were becoming less effective. Last winter, I saw my consultant who put me on azithromycin. It was at a time when my husband became ill and had a low immune system. Since then, touch all the wood I can find, I have been ok, but take on board what you say about the effectivity of the antibs. Good luck

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Thanks pergola1 I will asked my GP, have an appointment this morning.

I am on them for broncicatasis too. I took them for a year and they were brilliant I was having chest infections every 2 months, had very little quality of life. When I went on them my lungs improved greatly, the consultant then took me off them but sadly I had to return to them as my lungs had become dependent on them and all the infections returned so am on them for life now, still a small price to pay for reduced infection rate.

I have bronchiectasis and was put on azithromycin 2 years ago. I have had 2 chest infections since. Once from a cold the other from sinusitis. Its been a revelation for me, improved my quality of life no end. Some people can't tolerate them but its made a huge difference to me.

marie x

I too am on Azithromycin...and its made all the difference in the world to me..its stopped the continuous chest infections, I am only hoping that this wonderful effect lasts a long time...although I do expect that it wont last forever

I would say to anyone being offered azi to try it, I feel SO much better on this ab. My cons says I will be on it for life, even if I do get infections and have to take other ab's I will still be back on the Azithromycin

Thank you TEDTHEBEAR, MarieW-F and Sohara. Azithromycin seems the ab to be on.

Hi Granny

Know loads of bronchiectatics who feel they have many fewer infections whilst taking Azithromycin as a prophylactic - wish I could take them but I cannot tolerate them.

Good luck


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Thanks for your reply cofdrop

I've been on Azi for 18 months now, and for me, it has been a 'wonder' drug - not one exacerbation in this time at all. But - I know some people are sadly unable to tolerate it, and it doesn't work for everybody. My consultant thinks it is good to take a break every now and then, and is looking at two months off this summer when risk of infections is lowest. I also have to have regular liver function blood tests, not sure if the concern is the Azi or one of the other many meds I take. I did hear of one person with bronchiectasis who had a better result with doxycycline, so there may be alternatives.

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Hi Monkey

My cons has not mentioned a break in taking Azi.... it has been so brilliant for me to not have one infection after another, I personally would not wish to change anything...did your cons say why a break is beneficial?....I would hate to get an infection in any break....

Thank you monkey65 think that may be the answer to have a break in the summer if we ever get one.

Following my chest infection (pseudomonas aeruginosa) in the New Year, Consultant said if I have more than 3 infections in 6 months he will think about Azithromycin as a maintenance drug. Just had another one (mild) so waiting to see what happens for rest of year. Interesting to hear other people's comments though.

I haven't been put on Azithromycin. I get diverse nasties like pseudomonas, pneumonia and even TB. I get ill so fast that I don't take prophylactic meds, I call the doctor who asks me to call the ambulance and I am in hospital with Intravenous antibiotics!

I have hopes to keep away form the nasties. I go to the gym to reinforce my body strength, but I have a low immune system, that's why I get ill so easily. So I take GCSF which stimulates the production of white blood cells. I have to strike a balance. At the moment it works!

Use them I started abs January and only had 1 infection compared with the 3 I usually have

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