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Hi im still here reading the posts and things but would just again would like to let people know who have just been diagnosed with COPD and are scared ( has i was ) to keep up the exercise if you can and the not smoking if you do still smoke

Its now been 2 months since my second spirometry test ( please read my past posts ) anyway still on no meds and still feel ok but i know still early days apart from i do sometimes feel tired and i do sometimes still clear my throat.

so I now wonder and think even that my spirometry fev readings did go back to normal but i could be very mild so all i am trying to say is keep exercise up has if you cant reverse this COPD you can inprove and feel better and i am going to see how i go then try get another test just for peace of mind.

Best wishes and good luck everyone

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Great positive post - keep up the good work!! Long May you stay "mild"!! TAD xxx


Hi music,was wondering where you got to! Obviously looking after yourself,good on you! Keep it up,& enjoy feeling better,

as Tad said,nice positive post xxx


Hi Music

Good points well made as they say. Even though my spirometry results didn't improve by that much ......52% to 55%. Since quitting smoking and maintaining a good exercise level I have managed to stay more or less symptom free since diagnosis 6 months ago.

On medical advice I stopped taking Spiriva inhaler 2 weeks ago. Touch wood so far so good.

Cheers Coastal ,


Well Said!


Hi Music,I read and liked your positive advise to everyone ,I started 18 months back diagnosed with COPD111 a smoker and about 35 kilo,s to heavy,with just over 40 %lung capasity left ,well after stopping smoking ,exersizing which was a nightmare in the start and eating the right foods ,I am now going to the gym 5 times a week for about 3 hours a day ,have lost about 20 kilos and ,just been told that I have won 20 % of my lung capasity back ,so ,like you were saying .people out there ,never give up ,never say you cant do it ,cos if I can you all can ,I started off taking a rest after Climbing my stairs to get to bed ,sitting on the toilet upstairs until I could get me breath back enough to get to bed ,I now do 18 kilometers a day on the home trainer and walk 6 kilometers on the tred mill .So Help yourself to a better life ,Thomlin


music, your post is music to my ears! Well done! I do like you promoting exercises, of any sort, gym, home ones (but you must do them!), walking ( a dog helps!), singing ( in a group if you can. I belong to Singing for Health which was started as a research study group for the university of Kent and has diversified, for mental health, and for COPD. It's really great to belong to the COPD one), Tai Chi, yoga or just plain gardening! But do exercises, it will keep you occupied and retard the evolution of your illness.


ay wish i had good feed back to say your doing great 


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