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i have just come back from seeing the consultant with my results for my ct scan which was severe emphysiam changes to my lungs


although the doctors have always told me it was mild and my spirometry test is normal now i have no symptoms

although the consultant says i can live a full life spam it has really scared me has anybody eles had similar experience

i am still working quite active work miles with my dog have the flu jab every year avoid infections eat healthly i cant

understand it and feel very weepy i am on no medication can anybody reasure me

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HI Southend, I can understand that you are a bit weepy. I think it was the word severe that scared you, as you had previously only heard mild. Different doctors can interpret results in slightly different ways and this is maybe what has happened here. Now, I think you should count your blessings! Your spirometry test is normal, you have no symptoms, you are able to work, walk miles with your dog and need no medication. You are taking all the proper precautions in getting your flu jab etc and eating healthily. I wish I were in your shoes right now, and so will most people reading this I am sure. Your consultant has also said you will have a full life span. These are all massive positives. Be happy! If you continue to look after yourself as you obviously have been doing, then just go and enjoy yourself. The only thing I would say is to have in the house Vicks First Defence which you squirt up your nose at the first sign of a cold, but it has to be done right at the beginning and its suppose to shorten the duration of the cold and lessen the symptoms. Also if you feel it going into your chest go and get antibiotics. Please try and not worry about one little word the doctor said and you have all those positives going on. hope you continue to keep well, and to cheer yourself up make some plans or treats for the future. Take care hugs xxx

The best people to reassure you are either the lovely BLF nurses (click on the red balloon at the top of the page) or your GP who can interpret the results properly. Try not to worry in the meantime, if you are managing to do all that, that's pretty ace! :) x

The numbers mean nothing as far as I'm concerned. It's how you feel in yourself that counts, in my opinion. I'm at very severe emphysema but I do ok considering.


I agree with Puff. I'm severe I wont lie I've had some really tough times since I was diagnosed but you can lead a normal lie, just maybe a bit slower. xxxxx

Hi southend, hope these replies have cheered you up. Even if the CT scan revealed what the consultant described as severe changes, your spirometry (FEV1 etc) shows that despite this you do not experience obstruction with your breathing - the fact that you walk miles and don't need medication confirms this.

A recent post also showed that this can happen - something I hadn't realised; if you click on member droo32 you will see posts which explain it better than i can.

Keep on doing all the right things, and like Puff says, ignore the figures, just enjoy your life :)


Good Morning Southend, How scary for you to hear and to try to assimilate that information. Of course you must be in a state of shock BUT don't worry! You have no inhalers and no symptoms - FANTASTIC NEWS.

My husband was diagnosed about ten years ago and was already moderate but he had been suffering for at least five before that. My key advise would be Exercise - I am convinced that exercise is the key! Keep yourself fit and as healthy as possible. I would suggest that you make sure you get a flu jab and pneumonia jab and maybe take extra vitamin C if you think you might need it.

The final advise would be to go to the Doctor at the first sign of a chest infection - don't wait, My husband was always convinced he could heal himself but I feel that some damage was due to the fact he didn't go and get antibiotics.

The outlook is good! Perhaps a call to the helpline (click on the red balloon in the corner) - they will help to put your mind at rest. Good Luck! TAD xx

PS MY husband is now classed as very severe but still works full time, we have a 12 yr old daughter and he seems to keep up with her! Enjoy your life xxx

I was dx with bronchiectasis since 1994. yes, I had infections, but that shouldn't stop me from thinking: "Ok, it's an infection, but I can still train my body" You do that already with walking miles with the dog, or is it the dog that's walking you??? he is your guardian angel because he keeps you exercising which is vital for your lung function. Keep at it, keep working, sleep well and you will prevent that disease from creeping up. Put your worries away and carry on like you do.

Hi I was diagnosed as your self, FEV1 79% in 2012 then in 2013 it was 81%. I stopped smoking in 2011 after being diagnosed with Boullus Emphysema, CT scan and Chest Xrays. Been classed a very mild stage one, no meds required. Keep off the cigs-keep active-eat well and take all the good advice.

Oh don't go googling COPD-Emphysema ect, you will only get the wrong advice, stay here and ask loads of questions.

David 1968


Take each day as it comes and enjoy it. If you walk with your dog it is good exercise . It is said for every bad thing about our day there are 50 good things. Try counting them It sure will help, I'll start you off, , A Home, A bed, covers on the bed, water, food, Dr, Friends, food, Dog, sight, flowers, trees, the list is endless .I find it does help. Each good thing brings thoughts of those less fortunate.

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