I'm new in this community. I would like to ask for advice. I came to London 2 weeks ago because of my husband's bussiness accommodation. We are planning to have a kid. Possibly I will give a birth in London. I'm worried because some of my relatives suffer from asthma, therefore me and my kid have a risk to get asthma as well. I know that London is quite polluted city.

Maybe someone with similar situation can share their experience or give an advice how to prevent getting asthma? Which areas are less polluted? Which clinic it is better to go to get a consultation?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • Hello and welcome Yelena123. I don't suffer from asthma so can't offer any advice but someone will be along soon who can.

  • If you need a respiratory consultation hun and you live in London your best bet I would think is the Brompton. Best wishes for a very smooth pregnancy (exciting) - don't forget to let us know.....

    love cx

  • I wouldn't worry too much about living in London and breathing problems. You get traffic pollution everywhere now. I lived in London for many years but my asthma is worse now because I live by the sea and dampness affects it too. So you can't win. If you already have breathing problems traffic pollution can make it worse but it doesn't cause asthma or other breathing problems in healthy people. x

  • I was born and brought up in London and did not develop asthma until I moved out into the clean air of the countryside. There are still plenty of open spaces in London so you should be fine, good luck with the move and your planned family

  • Don't worry; like the other posters I have lived in London and in the countryside, and find that pollen, crops, animals effect my asthma just as much as pollution!

  • I live in London,the pollution here is probably less than most other major cities of the world.Good luck with the baby!.D.

  • Just spotted this as well from you, I would definately not worry about this.. One of the best ways to prevent childrens allergies when young is to try to breast feed as long as you can, 3 months would be great in a prefect world. Try to avoid carpets as well with children, not easy I know in the UK but things like this are good preventions. Mothers milk builds up strong protection and immunities for new born's.. learnt lots about this living in France for 20 years with 2 babies... This will not come about from living in London and cross that bridge when you come to it.. London used to be very polluted it is in fact all the time striving like any major city to keep as unpolluted as possible, times have changed air quality is vastly improved now relax and enjoy a vibrant city.

  • Like cofdrop says, this si a really exciting time for you. A baby? What a wonderful event to come!

    I used to live in London. I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis at the Royal Brompton which is a specialised hospital for lung diseases in Fulham Road.

    You'll have lots of work with your little one soon. but try to keep exercises going on. Will you have ate natal and post natal exercises. This should be great fun to meet other mums! All the very best!

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