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Need some advice to help with my asthma

I am looking for some advice regarding an air purifier. I been suffering from asthma for over 4 years now and it has become really bad now. I done some research and have come across various sites with non-medical treatments which was rather interesting as my medication don't seem to be doing any good. I am looking to get an air purifier but want to know what your thoughts are on this. Does anyone own an air purifier if so has it helped with your asthma? And if you do have one can you also let me know the model and brand you own.

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Hi and welcome, I have an air purifier in the bedroom but I really don't know if it helps with my asthma or not....sorry. But if you type in air purifiers in the search box in the right hand corner there are some answers there that may help. Have you tried the Buteyko breathing exercises ....there are some on you tube.


Hi simon says

I don't suffer with asthma, I have bronchiectasis. I wouldn't be without my air purifiers. Both of mine are from a company called Homedics, I have an ordinary one in the bedroom, in the living room I have a tower one. I have found them so helpful. You can bring the company up online and have a read. Good luck.


Hi Simon, I was in your position a few weeks ago. Someone had posted a question resembling yours regarding air purifiers. Now this had never occurred to me before, and as I have asthma and copd (and a cat) I started to look into it. The first thing that struck me was the price, and as some people had said they were not sure if they helped or not I phoned BLF and spoke to one of the nurses there to ask their opinion. They told me that yes, a lot of people are buying them in the hope that they will be of help. However, there is no scientific evidence to say they help or not. I advised not to waste my money because there was not enough evidence to prove that they help respiratory conditions. Some people may find that they do help, but I will not be buying one. If you are intent on going ahead with this the homedics seem to be the best ones and are available from Argos. The BLF nurse told me that if the air in the room was dry to put some vases or containers with water in them. Hope this helps you make your mind up and has not confused you. To tell you the truth I was quite disappointed to hear there was no scientific proof, as I wanted to try anything and do something to help. Good luck hugs xx


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