Hi there guys,

Got a call yesterday from a lady called Pat (decision maker)who said that she was looking at my claim pack and was

wanting to ask me a few questions and whether she could contact my Dr. Anyway long story short, after telling her how I am she said that she had decided she was going to award me high rate for mobility and care there and then, the decision that was made 6 mths ago should never have been made and I should have got it back then. Whoever made that decision overlooked/ignored my Dr's report and my O.H.N report and she could only apologise for the unnecessary stress that this had caused me. She went on to say that this is a lifetime/indefinite award and not to worry about pip as her decision was being backdated to my claim date of last year(16th July)before pip was rolled out and that my emphysema is "Terminal"and "Debilitating"and is going to get worse! Noy better!

She is also going to take it up with her manager and find out what happened last year and how they were allowed to ignore the evidence provided by medical professionals. I thanked her and said it was nice to be able to talk to someone who could understand that "I'm dying, I'm not going to get better soon, I've got a terminal debilitating illness!"

So there you have it,proof that for all the idiots who make these decisions about our health conditions and our lives, there's the odd one's who actually listen and dare I say it, care! This lady took the time to listen to me and made her decision based on the simple facts and using "common sense"She took the time to explain that I would get a letter to confirm jer decision and that she would ring me back when she had submitted her decision and also tell me how much back pay I'd receive(and she did ring back as promised)and tell me about any other information she was sending.

You all take care and breathe easy and don't give up if you're going through this c#@# like I've had to, because you will get there!You never know when you'll get your own"Pat"like I did.

Aidi :-) x

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Hi Aidi, thank goodness for the kind caring people out there, sometimes we forget they even exist.

So pleased you have got this sorted it must be a great worry off your shoulders, now you can put all your energy into keeping well.

Well done for persevering.

polly xx

Thanks polly x :-)

At last common sense prevails. So pleased for you Aidi - goodness knows you have waited long enough. Well done 'Pat'. cx

Well done Aida. I should think that is a great relief to you but its terrible all the stress this must have caused you in the meantime.

Well done,someone sent you a guardian angel!

What a relief for you,but such a shame,you have had all that worry etc.

Now just make sure you live till 90,& realy upset the empty heads!

Listening to people here,I think there needs to be a few more Pats! Breathe easier,Wendells xxx

Cheers wendells :-) om gonna make sure I stay around longg enough to not only annoy my kids but them silly buggers as well x :-) Aidi

That's good news for you Aidi, shame it took a while to get someone to listen and consider the facts properly and treat you like a person not just a case number. Isn't it a strange feeling when you come across a caring person after battling for a long time through the varied departments? Relax now and enjoy life doing what you like,at your own leisure.

Thanks Katie and don't worry I will do x :-) Aidi

That's the idea X

Well done Aidi.

You have hit it on the nail, people with common sense is all that is required. Not a form with boxes asking ambiguous questions designed to be negative to you. Hope it takes the pressure off you now with it being a long term decision.

Be Well

Thanks offcut, ay least she knew not to look up common sense under "K" breath easy Aidi :-)

That's really good news for you ,one less worry good luck .


Thanks x :-) Aidi

Really pleased for you, x

Thats BRILLIANT news Aidi and what you have to do now, is not die !!! well not for years and years , and so REALLY make your story have a good ending all round

Lots of love Sohara

Don't worry sohara,I'm gonna stick around as long as possible just to p!$$ everybody else off lol.I think it's important to make sure you get revenge on your kids x Aidi :-)

Really good news at last common sense prevails

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Fantastic news. So happy for you.

Kim xxxx

well done and congratulations I do hope I get Pat it's about time these people realised people with COPD are not going to get better or sprout new lungs.

Hiya onamission, I hope that you get a"pat"as well mate, because if you are lucky enough to get the same one as me you won't have to explain to her"that your C.O.P.D.emphysema is terminal"that it's a " Debilitating"and"non-curable"illness. Because that's the bit that they are having difficulty understanding, that and the fact that they can't find the words"common sense"in any dictionary under the letter"K"

All the best mate and breathe easy Aidi :-). P.s.dont let the B@$#@/!$ grind you down :-)

I sent a letter to the minister for disabled asking why can't we have the same rules as someone with cancer most cancers if caught in time people go on to make a full recovery we don't he said our illness was long term and got worse over a period of time. They have brought out something that gives men labour pain so they know what the wife is going through it's a pity we don't have something to give the effect of COPD.

Im sorry mate, but I got diagnosed just under 18mths ago as mild to moderate stage 3,now moderate to severe stage 4!what kind of timescale do these people work to? I mean c,mon,what do we need to do that will make them listen and understand what it's like to live like this on a daily basis, it's not rocket science. We're dying, unfortunately some of us quiker than others. What else is there to say about it. I suppose because we don't fit into the"6mths and your dead"category we're taking to long to die,therefore costing them more money?(less left in the expenses pot I am guessing lol)All I can say to you is keep at it and keep pestering, because they'll get sick of it before you do! Take care and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

Thanks' I was diagnosed 10 years ago I was level 3 the beginning of 2013 with all the infections I'm now level 4 I also have bulging discs in my spine but to be fair when I filled in my DLA form in I said I had COPD this charity has filled in the forms for pip so we will see.

Good luck with that one and all the best. Keep your chin up n keep me posted Aidi :-)

So good to hear positive news from you Aidi.Now you can relax a bit,are you going for a Ferrari or a Lamborghini? Oh and make sure you get the biggest yacht there is lol.All the best and good luck.D.

Unfortunately, no Lambo or Ferrari! Karens told me that im not allowed to have one lol.I like the look of the new Toyota Prius+,5dr,7str but I'm not sure if you can get one on the motability scheme? but according to the Toyota website all their makes/models are available through the scheme. I'll look into it tomorrow and just dream about the Lambo and Ferrari lol. Take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

Cheers squady,pick up the car 3wks today. Can't wait, take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

Sounds ver good, restores faith that some will go the extra mile to help us

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