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I was an empty box lifter!

As some of you may know that some time back I was passed fit for work by DWP as "I could lift an empty box." I appealed and won.

Because of the financial problems that occurred while I was fighting the DWP with no money but only my wife's part time job money. I put our house on the market so that once sold we could clear our debts and live in a smaller house, that hopefully will be cheaper to run and maintain and be mortgage free.

The brunt of this post is we have a number of empty boxes now for the move. Yesterday we thought we would tidy them up. I stacked them up in the garage but I was so short of breath while doing this I had to sit down to get my breath back many times. My whole body aches today and I feel rough. I don't think an empty box lifters job will work for me and I am dreading the move even more now. The boxes will not be empty! :(

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Hi Offcut, you will have to get some help with the move as you shouldn't be lifting heavy boxes. I know its easier said then done but I would get on the phone to local community organisations to see whether they would help you as part of their "good deeds" campaign. Try the Scouts, Age Concern, the Guides, your local youth group etc. Good luck.



P.S. I would also not be employed as an empty box lifter!

I will see what favours I can pull in as it looks like I am going to no real help. Maybe supply beer and tea as needed :)

Ignorant dwps! Glad you appealed and won. Hope you have the help you need for later and good luck with the move.

I read a news story yesterday that said because of the back log 50% are not appealing and the reason given was that they may now be fit and working or dead? it is taking up to 18 months to get an assessment now.

Hi about frustrating !! I'm going down the same route I'm getting pensioned off at work but won't be able to afford mortgage so having to sell up and rent !! At a time when you just want to look after your health all you seem to do is fight for every scrap with the likes of PIP, DWP etc. as if you dont have enough to worry about !! Stay Strong (but don't be lifting any boxes !!)-Plumbob

Where do you live Offcut.? I,ll give you a hand :)

First of all congrats on winning your appeal ( I should think that was a no brainer!) can't believe how many people on 2 legs are so stupid!! Fancy judging you on lifting an empty box!

Just don't get yourself a job,lifting empty ones now,lol!

I wish you all the best,with the selling your home & downsizing,& being mortgage free,what a wonderful moment that will be,congrats to you & your wife.

Please don't overdo it with the move,get all the help that you can.There has been some good suggestions here as usual!,

Let us know how it pans out,love Wendells xxx

Hi offcut congratulations for winning your appeal

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