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Weekend Wit - Enjoy

An elderly gentleman pays a visit to his Doctors.

Doctor every morning at 8:00 am precisely,I have a bowel movement and it's embarrassing ?

Well Mr Jones having a daily bowel movement at your age is very good for you and shows your bodies functioning as it should...... You should be very pleased !!

Yes I know Doctor but........

I never get up til 9:00 am ?????

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the old ones are defo the best Plumbob! cx

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good one, Nannyb xx


Brilliant! monica x


Embarrassing! ahahah!

I had some embarrassing bowel moments lately. First, my nurse said i was constipated. When I had taken the laxative twice, she said, you must take it for 7 days, after which phone your GP. I took it for 4 or 5 days, that was enough! I phoned my GP who told me to stop taking this laxative, finish the course of antibiotic I was on (Cyprofloxacin - as that can create "loose poo"), and if nothing changes, "come and show me your bottom"!!!

Fortunately, I changed the kind of bread I'm eating. I bought some rye bread and practically ate that at night and in the morning. I'm glad to say, that I don't think I'll show my bottom to GP as my guts are now settling down! Phew!

Yes, they can be very embarrassing, these moments! :)


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