Smart car, Dumb driver :)

Smart car,  Dumb driver   :)

While I was waiting at the bus stop today a little smart car pulled into a parking space right in front of me, The space was big enough for 2 normal size cars or 3 of these little smart cars. Somehow and oblivious to all around her the driver manged to park in the middle of the space, locked the car and walked off leaving no room for anyone else.

So much for having a little smart car when you need the space for a lorry to park it up.

It was very busy and lots of cars drove past looking for a space to park but the little smart car had made itself big so they were disappointed and looked pretty angrily at it.

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  • You did say the driver was a female Tony?. Enough said.

  • Hold on warwick naughty. Female she may have been but selfish driver I will accept. Many men do this too. Tony you should have left her a message suggesting she go back to Driving School for parking lessons.

  • My wife doesn't park her car, she abandons it, but she's an excellent driver.

  • My wife's a good driver too WS but reverse parking is comical. Ha Ha

  • What hope is there if you can't park a car this size. I wanted to clap when she started to walk away but I restrained myself, I'd had a good day and didn't want a handbag wrapped round my head. :)

  • Tony, please obscure my registration plate forthwith or I will be contacting my solicitor! :p

  • We have this daily with the Macmillan nurses, outside of our property there is space for 3 cars and as there are only two of us with cars and we go out that leaves a nice big space, the Nurse comes along and spies this lovely area and literally throws their car into the space and go to visit another property which incidentally has a drive. I have spoken to them explaining about mobility problems and by one nurse was told "tough" as she walked off.

  • That is absolutely disgraceful and should be reported.

  • I attempted to ask them which office they were from and they walked off, have had a look at the website and there are no contact details that I can see. Didn't really want to go and have a word with the neighbour whose house they visit.

  • This is where you can make a complaint. Hopefully, they will see this as a positive thing as it enables them to uphold their reputation and good name.

    The complaints procedure

    If you would like to make a complaint to Macmillan, you can contact us using any of these options:

    • Fill in our online feedback form

    • Email

    • Call us free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm)

    • Write to us:

    The Company Secretary

    Macmillan Cancer Support

    89 Albert Embankment


    SE1 7UQ

  • Thank you for this information I have just submitted a complaint and will wait and see what happens.

  • My son has a notice in the rear window of his car:

    How is my driving

    safe, courteous, within speed limits

    if it is please call 999

    this car is stolen

    Unfortunately the truth

  • I have seen this happen so many times Tony and not just by women I might add. Mind you, I do recall once when Pete had parked our car sensibly as always and a woman decided to park in front with plenty of room but we stood and watched as she reversed into our car just to make sure she was in the space! To add insult to injury, she could not understand why Pete was making a fuss! No harm done though but honestly?! xxxxx :)

  • And she parked in bus stop bay. !!!!

  • No, it is a parking bay, but does have a bus lane at the side of it.

  • My mistake. .....didnt mean to say it 3 times ....gremlins at work

  • :) If you wish to delete the copies of your post, just click on the arrow at the side of the edit button and you will have the option to delete.

  • Well spotted, it is a bus stop in the middle of the road which is a little unusual but then it is Malvern, It was you driving wasn't it :)

  • Shhhh!

  • I think them smart cars can be parked width ways in a normal parking space the are so small I saw a car park in 3 disabled spaces once I went and parked over the other side of the car park

  • I bet she parks in disabled bays too

  • Or perhaps they are left for thugs who beat up ladies carrying oxygen cylinders. :(

  • And experience tells us the victim would end up getting no sympathy, just when they could do with some real support.

  • Well Tony, told you ,you would see more taking the bus, and had a laugh too, cant be bad.x

  • Your right there js, on the first bus of the day my phone rang to the tune of the rolling stones paint it black. The bus driver commented on how good a tune it was and then went on to chat/shout about another great tune house of the rising sun and how a cover version by frigid pink was the best. It was a little weird because he was chatting to me and my daughter who were sat 1/2 way down a large empty bus and we couldn't even see each other. When we got up to get off he then told and showed me in detail on how to play the cords on a guitar to this tune.

    It was great to find a jolly bus driver who throws in a guitar lesson on the journey as most of them round here are very unhelpful.

    Just think what I would have missed out on if I was still driving :) xx

  • My wife doesn't drive at all, But she bought a new pair of shoes and that's bad enough.


  • Mine drives and buy's shoes. :)

  • Double Trouble??

  • Toci, I know you can fill lots of forms to complain. But why a simple talk to the nurse couldn't just clear the air. I hate forms of complain. Besides, when I receive an answer it seems of the type, "We have taken appropriate measures for it not to happen again"! But the one in the office who receives the complain does not know the situation on the ground. Very sad!

    Yes, I'm back home after almost 3 weeks in hospital. I could complain about the tea lady, unfortunately chines and of no understanding of English. They were given a double dose of Branflakes instead of a box of branflakes and a box of Cornflakes. so, even though I asked for Cornflakes, I had to have branflakes instead!!! I asked for hot chocolate, because they cannot manage weak tea and they don't have decaffeinated tea either - so much for a healthier drink! (Sorry, that was ranting, I know ;) )

  • The information was for secondlife as she was the one who had difficulties. I believe talking was tried and resulted in rudeness as, unfortunately, some people are so selfish that they disregard those of us with serious health problems. Shame really.

    I gave up expecting healthy food and drink whilst in hospital a long time go, lol. Did you enjoy the bran flakes? Eugh! Still, that's not why we are there, is it? :)

  • No! We are there to sit in our chair while waiting endlessly for something to happen.I did for hours after washing myself and getting out of breath. the doctor appeared just as I had gone to the loo! He spoke to me from his distance!!!

    Fortunately, a friend of mine went to buy a second hand novel on vampires! Good to read while you have a blood test every morning!

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