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About time

Hi everyone. I joined this site about a year ago. I read posts every day & pop up now & again if I feel I can be of help, but felt it about time now to say a proper hello. I'm not at all good with computers so hope mistakes will be overlooked. I suffer with Emphasyma & Bronchiectasis as well as asthma. I'm at stage 4 with my illness & have an FEV 1 of 26. I wonder if anyone else suffers with very salty, mouth & lips at times crusty around lips. The powers that be say try mouthwash, got 5 on the go at present or chew mints, very helpful. I've had it for about a year & it's really distressing me now. I know with everything we all have going on it sounds trivial but I would love somebody to come up with some ideas on what it can be & how to get rid.

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  • Cant help you with your problem but love the dog. :)

  • Thanks she makes a lovely profile pic

  • Hi nanniesue, that's a beautiful dog. Do you like melon?, if so that can temporarily relieve dry mouth symptoms.

  • Don't really like melon but if it stopped the taste even for a while I will try it. Mouth isn't dry more slimy, it's around the lips that get dry. Thanks for help.

  • Hi nanniesue, if it worries you it isn't trivial. Can't help but I hope someone can. Take care.

  • Hi naniesue use Vaseline during the day keep applying it drink lots and lots of water take water to bed. That's a lovely looking dog. X

  • Same as me scrubbing a white furry tongue my inhaler drys my mouth out a glass of wines better than mouthwash all the time. Grandad used fresh horse sh*t on his lips said it stopped him licking them when they were chapped working on his farm natural healing no modern chemical rubbish.

  • Thanks been looking in for a week more interesting now.

  • Hi nannie. I also now have a very dry mouth & my lips get VERY dry. I just use something like body shops strawberry lip balm(cos I like it) but any lip salve would do. The trick is to put it on repeatedly during the day that way your lips don't get too dry in the 1st place. I also try to drink loads of water Lovely to 'meet ' you

    Love sohara

  • Hi nanniesue...The dog is beautiful and looks very clever too.

    I was wondering if you are breathing through your mouth...I know it is difficult not to do this when breathing is difficult...that can dry your mouth and lips I find.

    Breathing through your nose warms and moistens the air, I try and check every so often that I am not mouth breathing...that can happen so easily if I forget to breathe nasally

  • Nice to see you Nanniesue. A big pat for that lovely dog. I was wondering about glycerine applied to the mouth. You could talk to your friendly pharmacist - they are helpful and have the product at hand.

  • Thanks for help. The worst part of my mouth being like this is the saltiness. Because of this I'm having to eat spicy foods & sore fruits just to be able to taste anything other than salt. The problem is its a 24 hr taste. I produce a lot of mucus everyday & think that the two may be connected as the salty/slimy taste seems to be worse on heavy mucus days. It's quite a dilemma as even resp consultants don't know what to suggest. Thanks for trying anyway.

  • Hello Nanniesue,fell in love with your dog,he's very handsome!

    I was going to suggest the same as Pergola,probably the tricks to keep applying regularly,whatever you choose to use.good to hear from you,love Wendells xxx

  • Sorry I can't help with your problem but I love your dog she's beautiful, I have a border myself Des he's a red tricolour we used to have three but sadly lost Eric last year and Ernie the year before. I hope you find a solution to your problem.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi nanniesue

    Re the saltiness hun. Does your respiratory consultant have a special interest in cystic fibrosis/bronchiectasis? If so, I assume he/she has given you a sweat test. If not it might be an idea to ask. It's one of the first things my newish consultant requested. Not sure if I had one when I was little, but when I expressed my surprise as I was then 60 he told me he had just had a lady of 60 who was positive for cf and his eldest patient tested pos was 80.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the response cofdrop it's worth an ask anyway. Should have an appointment soon so will see what he says.

  • There will be doctors who will dismiss the suggestion as it was the case CFers were known not to have a long life expectancey - which is increasing all the time thank goodness. That's why I asked if your consultant had a special interest in cf/bronch as they would do this test as a matter of course.

    Please let us know how you get on - it will be interesting and most helpful to you to find out the cause.

    love Cx

  • Will do thanks.

  • For a sore mouth. I do this on sore and crusty eyelids. In warm water (or boiled and let cool) put a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda. This is very soothing. I have just bought some argan oil which is full of Vit E and feels very smooth.

    As for the taste, I drink decaffeinated rooibos tea first thing in the morning with my first drug and wash my teeth thoroughly after. Drink is a necessity. You might keep a little cup of tea during the night and put it in the microwave to drink it if you wake up dry during the night.

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