Boy am I gonna be grumpy by the morning

Following a funny turn a few months back my doctor referred me for a EEC as a precaution. The results from this were inconclusive but I was rebooked for another type of EEC. Its called a sleep EEC test and it involves staying awake all night tonight and getting to the hospital for 9.00am tomorrow. Now I'm the type of person who like's his sleep and never have a problem getting off as soon as my head hits the pillow but if I'm deprived of my sleep then look out the next day.

Its going to be a very very long night tonight

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  • Oh Tony, not good. I have fallen asleep in the chair and just woken up. I am about to head off to bed now. Hope your awake hours are entertaining and look forward to sleeps when you get back from the hospital.

    Best wishes for good EEC results.


    A video for you - it might help to keep you awake

  • Thanks BC, I enjoyed that, love a bit of Mumford & sons. Just finished watching the Hobbit a DVD that was one of my Christmas presents and I've finally watched it.

    I will sleep like a log when I return tomorrow, just hope they don't torture me for too long.

  • Happy dream time soon :)

  • Oh dear,for a young man that likes his sleep,that would be so hard!

    Maybe you need to use the walking machine? Don't fall asleep on it though!

    Good luck with the results,xxx

  • Hi Wendells, Its not very often I'm up at this hour is it, gotta say I'm beginning to struggle to stay awake now but only 3 hours and we leave for the hospital so it'll soon pass.

    One thing since falling ill and spending a lot of time in and visiting hospitals I have become used to waiting around.

    If I fell asleep on the treadmill that would put a whole new meaning to the words sleep walking which is something I was well known for as a child.

    My dad often had to come downstairs to retrieve me back then. Once he found me sat close to the wood burner with the 2 doors open holding my hands out to get warm but the strange thing was there was no fire lit at the time.

    Another time there was a blanket left on the bannister at the top of the stairs which when I put my hand on it I thought it was my bed. At that time I used to jump into bed but this time it wasn't my bed, I jumped over the bannister into thin air and crashed down to the bottom of the stairs. My Mum and Dad heard a thud and a scream and found me battered on the floor. I didn't even wake up and wondered why I hurt all over when I finally woke in the morning. :)

    Maybe they'll get me sleep walking later in Hospital, that should show some odd results on their EEG Machine. Ha Ha they'll regret the day they kept me from getting my sleep.

    Gotta say its a little weird with my family all sleeping upstairs and me stuck down here watching the Hobbit and tapping away on this key board.

    Has 2014 been a better year so far as I'm sure you'll be glad to put 2013 well behind you.

    Tony xx

  • Hi dall05 hope all goes well tomorrow and you are managing to stay awake.

    How long will the tests last tomorrow I wonder before you can catch up on your sleep

    I have to go for a scan in the afternoon so now a wake wittering

    Best of luck

  • This is definitely the wittering hour knitter, one I'm not used to seeing as I would normally be fast asleep and even if a freight train came through the bedroom I would probably not flinch. Yes I like my sleep and need it now more than ever since my lungs decided to fail me so this is proving to be tough.

    I'm not sure what their looking for but I certainly won't be thinking straight tomorrow and probably won't even know my own name. It seems they might be trying to get me to have an epileptic episode as they are going to flash strobe lights at me again and get me to do some deep breathing so it say's on the appointment letter

    After this sleep deprivation anything could happen

    Good luck with your scan tomorrow and even better luck with the results. Is it a CT or a MRI on the lungs.

    CTs are easy, MRIs are not so much fun as one I had lasted 1 1/2 hours in that dam tube but is was a whole body one.

    Tony xx

  • Thanks for the reply ,tis only a CT scan on my kidneys but they are using a dye which could trigger an asthma attack.....not good.

    Listened to the World Service ....programme about Malvern being a centre of cyber security....wonder what they make of these posts!

    Hope all goes well today

  • Thinking of you Tony. Hope all goes well. I'm sure you are still your charming self.

  • Not so long to wait now, Tony!


  • Yeh' the hard bit is over I think and I've finally managed to watch the Hobbit, a Christmas present on DVD.

    Tony x

  • Thanks Suzy, step 1 is over I've managed to stay awake all night so if the hospital staff don't turn up now I'll be slightly aggrieved but I'm sure that won't happen, please!!

    Looking forward to getting this test done and getting back home to bed. Yawn!

    Tony x

  • Good luck Stitch. I'm the lucky one just off to work, no doctors hospitals just, probably stressed out males. Pressure is great this week.

  • Yep I've managed it but I can't remember my name now, I hope they don't ask me to do this again. BCs Mumford and Sons video helped get me here without dropping off, good arn't they!

    I can hear my taxi driver moving around upstairs so I best start to get ready. The trouble with early hospital appointments is fighting your way through the traffic and you have to leave so much earlier just in case.

    Good luck with your test today stitch, its good to know there are others up and about with me. :)

    Tony x

  • Yes mumford & sons I like :) I did end up watching a few more myself after I posted for you :) hope your hosp visit doesn't take too long. Good luck.

    You have a good hosp visit too Stitch.

  • Good luck with the test Stitch. x

  • Well done! Good luck and, if they ask your name, tell them they should know as they made the appointment with you!

    Jude x

  • Luckily I did manage to remember my own name, JUST!! oh yeh' see follow up post on my return. Tony x

  • Good Luck for today.

    Berwick xx

  • Thanks Berwick, see follow up post later today. Tony x

  • It was 2.30 am when I read this - longing for some sleep. Hope you test goes well, Dall05x

  • see following post on that jet lagged feeling. Tony xx

  • Hi Tony, Me last as normal hope all goes well for your tests today, Me, I am going to attempt to go up and down a flight of stairs three times to beat my record, Dont ask me sing Flower of Scotland after it, Good Luck MC

  • Tests went well, its the results you have to worry about though en' it MC. Did you break any records on the stairs today? see follow up post later today Tony

  • Hi Tony, how focused you are, I am sure I would not be able to stay awake all night even if I tried my best.

    Hope all goes well for you today and you will soon be back snoring in your own bed.

    polly xx

  • Hi polly, I wasn't looking forward to this test and a night without sleep and I'm very pleased to have it behind me now. see following post Tony xx

  • Hope you did not do any sleep walking last night Dall. Pete used to do that and so did our eldest son. Scary sometimes especially when our son went off to do his paper round at midnight! He rode his bike there and back! Hope your night passed quickly and that all goes well for you today. Thinking of you and wishing you well. xxxxxx

  • That would be weird to see someone delivering invisible posts at midnight. :) see following post. Tony xx

  • Hope your test goes well for you, and enjoy a good sleep to catch up when you get home,X

  • see following post Tony xx

  • Tony, I came too late to wish you a good night wake!

    Here am I the next day and I hope your examination went alright!

    The only time that I stayed up, and nervously at that was when I studied for my last year exam at the university of Liverpool. I had read some advice that you read your notes entirely until the point when the examiner stops you to go and face the papers. the idea was to read those last interesting bits of knowledge that could be recalled easier, since you read them yesterday and the day of the exam. It worked anyway! I got my honours degree in French and Italian ... in 1976!

  • Good luck Tony with the EEC and the sleep depravation.

    Hope all goes well for you.


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