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How do i subdue a cough?


I have had an annoying cough for quite some time. Always worse when lying down. So bad a couple of nights ago my wife was in tears as she could not sleep. I offered to go into the spare room. Or for her to go into the spare room but she would have non of it. I used vic vapour rub on my chest last night, cannot use it on my nose as I use oxygen, and raised my adjustable bed high.Too high as i ended up with a crook in my neck. But it did help. I tried a vapour rub on soles of the feet and a pair of socks routine. Don't laugh. I will try almost anything to help this cough at night and for my wife to get a better sleep. Has any of you guys found a way to subdue your cough. If so I would be oh so grateful to hear how you did it ;)

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Hi Derick, sorry to hear of your annoying cough. What i. am going to give you is a very old remedy from my gran. It definately works for me. Ready .....take a good knob of butter , roll it in sugar let it slowly disolve in your mouth. Good luck. with it and happy drams to Lynn and yourself. Graeme x

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Wow Berwick that brought back memorys my Mom used to give me that when I was young and had sore throat and tickly cough, Hated the taste then ,But have used it since and worked for me X

On the occasions I have had a cough, nothing has effectively worked to quell it for me. It just has to run its natural course. The only thing I did do was to support myself with the palm of my hand underneath the ribs when I did cough as that seemed to lessen the muscular impact of coughing. For me the coughing was the natural way of the lungs expelling all the gunk.

Nice to see you back on Graeme my friend. Hoping to get round to see you one day in the next week. Will try the butter trick tonight ;)

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Please let me know how you get on. Graeme

derrylynne in reply to Hidden

will do ;)

Hope the butter & sugar remedy works if nothing else it will taste better than most cough medicines.


Well this sounds completely daft - but I used vicks on the soles of my husbands feet - put a big dollop on each foot then put a sock on and it seems to help. Not sure if he didn't dare cough after that - in fear of any other remedies I might have! Hope it subsides soon. TAD xxx

sorry I had to laugh TADAW. I tried that one after being told about it. My wife laughed as i put it on, and of course had to wear socks in bed. Not very romantic mind. lol. After which I coughed through the night :)

That is how I broke my ribs through coughing. I now take a hot drink of lemon, honey,brown sugar hot water to bed with me ,it subdues coughing a lot


Hi Derrylynne. Our Hospice Nurse said to sip ice cold water. That's what I got my Husband when he was coughing a lot. It's worth a try.


Hi Derek, I think you should see your doctor about the cough so he can check things out and if nothing serious going on he can prescribe an appropriate treatment to help you.

Here's a PatientPlus article written for healthcare professionals, the language may be more technical than the condition leaflets, but I think worth a read (hope you find it helpful)

Do let us know how you get on and most importantly what medicine or treatment you find works well for you.

Best wishes BC

Fishermen's Friends, the original ones. Don't taste great and make your breath smell like creosote but they do stop the cough.

Hello Derrylyne, when I have a bad gough which I get when I have a chest infection is hot rum a little sugar and hot water, it works for me. spanners12

Will try some fishermans friends. i remember having them when I was a kid. Boy they are strong. But worth a try. If that don't work will have to try the rum ;) Many thanks for the replies. Much appreciated..

Hi derrylyyne, so sorry i've only just spotted this question, but I had a really bad cough last March, & pulled every muscle in my back & tum, the Dr gave me a script for liquid Codine, it was brilliant, I,d recommend asking for a bottle for over the hols & hope you & your wife are soon getting a peaceful night again :)

Take care xxxx

Many thanks for that one. Lynne is off down the chemist now as we can get that over the counter. Hopefully it will do the trick..

Oh, thats brilliant, I,ll keep fingers crossed it works as well as it did on me, let me know please Derick

Hope you sleep well tonight :)


Lynne went to the chemist for some liquid codine. I told her to mention to the pharmacists I had severe COPD. Anyhow this one was experienced with copd and had studied it as both his grandparents had suffered from it. Lynne mentioned I had blood pressure and took tablets for that too. The chemist asked if I took Ramipril for it, and if so there was the likely cause. That doctors knew nothing about copd and that prescribing Ramipril to someone with copd would almost certainly result in the patient getting a hacking cough that would not go away. I have some other tablets for blood pressre and also Ramipri so am not taking tonights capsule and will see the doctor tomorrow. I just hope that this knowledge puts this cough to bed and both Lynne and I can get a better nights sleep soon...

i had a cough that was very persistant and had it all the while i was looking after my mother who was dieing of cancer. My sister was helping with the care also. All the while i kept going back to the docs as i didnt want to give my mother an infection. They kept giving me anti-biotics ,after she had died i went back to the GP and he asked are you on Rampril i said the biggest and he said there is your cause, we will change it and see how it goes. Needless to say i am no longer on Rampril. Instead i have to take three different blood preasure tablets. Wish i could take it i had one and now take three oh well whats another tablet..

Hope you get sorted coughing all the while is a nuisance .


derrylynne in reply to fastball

Yes Chris. The dry tickling hacking cough has all but gone since being taken off Ramipril. If my wife had not called into the chemist the day she did I would still be coughing and be unaware. Thanks god she did. Amazingly Ramipril did not seem to do a lot for my blood pressure either. But the new one works better. And most of all I don't get a cough with it. Tough wood :)

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