Oh dear!

Oh dear!

My son picked up my Tesco direct order today, my new weekend bag for hospital, some wrapping paper and cards.

But, there was a separate parcel with it, with my details on it, what can it be?


If they were going to make a mistake, why not something I want/need? Anyway, just waiting for instructions from Tesco what to do with it! Gave us a good laugh though. xx

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  • haha, I hope they didnt charge you for it :)

  • Have you smelled that perfume Peeg, my niece has it, and it set me off in a coughing fit. They'd have to pay me to take it LOL :) x

  • Been trying to have a sniff but packaging is too good. Sounds a bit sickly sweet - "fruity notes of pink grapefruit and berries complemented by the scent of jasmine petals and frangipani. A lingering base of musk and patchouli completes the sparkling One Direction Our Moment fragrance". Lol!

  • haha, might make a useful present toa teen if you know any.Hope you get the sim card though xxx ....... I didnt know you could get a sim card for 1p!

  • My niece is only 13, so she can be forgiven, but only this once! LOL :) x

  • tesco.com/direct/o2-pay-as-... .

    Think they do most of them for 1p Peeg. I got a new phone and used my previous 02 sim in it, but to be able to get info from my old phone, numbers, calendar etc., it needs to have a sim in it. Doesn't need to be topped up or anything, just gives me access to info on the phone. Strange but true!! x

  • the things you find out on this site :)

  • No Peeg! And have looked on the website and there are two, the one I got was the more expensive, just under £20! I ordered a 1p 02 sim card too, which didn't come - I wonder if the poor person who wants the perfume ended up with the sim card?!

  • Shhhhh!

  • What's One Direction? Some sort of sat nav?

    Bobby xxxx

  • Nice one Bobby ha ha

  • Very funny Bobby and Jambo, you're just jealous! Have put the pic up now just to spite you! Lol! x

  • hey, just wondering. Might your son have bought it for you as a surprise present? (hope not,a bit cheap)!!!

  • No! He hates 1D, although they were in the same restaurant in town a few months ago and he managed to take a couple of pics! So was obviously a bit in awe, although I would never suggest that to him! x

  • Libby7827

    I think the smell of it would be enough to hospitalise you.

    Sue Tesco!!!.


  • I ordered a fancy mop off a well known gadget supplier to have 2 delivered. I checked to see if they had taken the money twice but they had not. So I sent them an email stating they sent one to many, get some one to pick it up. They replied very quickly and said thank you for letting them know and they will look into why 2 were sent but please accept the 2nd as a thank you gift for my honesty :)

  • Good result!

  • Who's Sue Tesco, Tom?

  • I thought that at first!!

  • Well, the end of the tale, Tesco are couriering my 1p sim card tomorrow morning, didn't have the heart to say it wasn;t urgent. And, I can keep the 1D gift set! My wildest dreams have come true, not! There are a few female youngsters in my avenue, will get my son to hawk it around for the highest bidder! xx

  • You could always donate it to your local childrens hospital for Christmas .

  • I can't believe you did not want the 1D gift set Libby! It did make me laugh but very kind of Tesco to say you could keep it. Hope you manage to re-direct it though. Take care and hope you are doing ok. xxxxxx :)

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