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Hi ! Well my partners dad has been diagnosed with c.o.p.d.(he lives with us) Eric is 84 and smoked until he was 60,but in the last 12 month

he has had a bad cough and getting very breathless! Refusing point blank to se a doctor !!,,,,We went on holiday for 10days (a friend stayed with him at home) when we came back on October 5th Eric was rushed into hospital ,where he was diagnosed with C.O.P.D ncame out of hospital on nov 4th on oxygen therapy 16 hours a day 3 inhalers and various tablets .......

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Hello and welcome

You've come to the right place everyone on here are very nice but I would suggest ringing BLF helpline to get professional advice it can all be very scary, and they will put your mind at rest.

Kim xxxxx


Thanks xxx


Hi and welcome. Are there any Breathe Easy group meetings in your area? Carers and relatives can go along for support - you may even be able to get Eric to go along to meet people in a similar boat.

All the best, good advice to ring the helpline, cost of a local call 03000 030 555


Hi Loobylou - You have been rather thrown in the deep end. My husband has severe COPD and it is extremely frightening. Please ring the BLF helpline and they can give you practical advise and I think they have an information pack. I have found the key is information - so keep asking until you get the answers you need. Great advise from Kimmy59 and peeg. Take care and if you have any questions come here - there are lots of lovely people to offer support. TAD xxx


Hi Loobyloo and welcome. I know a lot of older people can be stubborn. What an awful thing to happen while you were away. A good job though as now he can be treated. Make sure you look after yourself as well as Eric.


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