Hi -just joined site I have asbestosis as well as obligatory pleura plaques.I have been suffering from chronic fatigue as well as tingling in thighs? Docs not sure it is related to my condition or is something totally different? has anyone out there with a similar condition to mine suffered from the additional feelings of fatigue and the tingling? Cheers

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  • Hubby has the same condition, diagnosed about 5 years ago. Certainly he does get very tired and aggravated when he cannot do something, unfortunately cannot answer you about the tingling in your thighs, he does have 'pins and needles' but that apparently is caused by an intermittent trapped nerve in his neck, best ask your GP and see what he comes up with. The one thing that has really helped us in the last couple of years is to visit the physio at the hospice, she speaks so much sense and for one side effect gave us sound advice and we have managed to stop that one. If you need someone to moan at please use me as being hubby's carer I have found out quite a bit about this condition. Keep well

  • Cheers Secondlife, any info from sufferers / carers is great feedback, I'm ok with illness always had a chilled and positive outlook on life, but I do get frustrated at times as I have always been very active? Also worry about the stress I'm putting wife and kids through.

  • Hi Plumbob,& welcome.Sorry I am not realy familiar with your illness, but as second life points out, she is,so I am sure that will be some comfort to you,there will be others no doubt too.xx

  • Hi, plumbob fatigue is quite natrul and tinging and or muscle spasms could be down to CO2 retanshion or lack of oxygen

    A suffed early stages of my diease with a funny feeling in my hands fingers .. Then my feet all toes twisted up with like a cramp but my doc said it was as o have already described.

    can i ask befour you was dignosed with asbestosis did your doc think it was COPD somthing elese

  • Hi dazisnotgood Once shadows were detected on lungs and after scan due to my work history (heating engineer) they assessed me with asbestosis but there is also slight emphysema as well. Think they are just trying to eliminate other causes of the fatigue -Cheers

  • Hi plumbob cheers thats where am upto fighting it out with lung doc .. he wont accept its asbestos fibers giving me hell even tho that is what i have been coughing up.

    A think cause or your fatigue is infections and plaquing and bronchial sepsis all contributes to shunting and cor pulmonale its like pile on

    Need to make sure your docs looking after ya heart fella and on top of your antibiotics

    Cheers thanks all the best

  • Daz -you've obviously been through the mill.I.m just starting off on the journey, and I'm finding everything is a fight weather its DWP, hospital or whoever?? I'm still employed, and the DWP has classified me as 5% disabled (solicitors thinks thats very low?) As I have always been sporty, even with the damage I've got to my lungs my lung capacity is still averaging 115% But oxygen transfer is down to about 60%. Because you fight the disease to maintain your health you are penalised?? It can be so frustrating -There thats my rant of the day -Take care of yourself

  • Hi plumbob thay wont accept am suffering from asbestosis .. My docs are looking lile bunch of incomatance fools .. That what happens when you work for councils and schools .

    Am quite shocked your solicitor is letting DWP take the piss

    My gas trasfer % is not as bad as yours but am aleays getting infections .. but everyone knows its gas transfer with asbestosis not nessaserly capacity .. Am lucky a dont have solicatior if thats how is shaping .. You need to have it out with him is not letting you down is letting every asbestosis suffer down he should be piling it on not painting picture of you being fine

    Anyway at least your in right place now

    Cheers all the best

  • Daz -The solicitor is good and is not involved with the DWP Assessment but as she specialises in asbestos cases, she is familiar with the disability allowances made by DWP. & thinks my assessment is low. The solicitor is fighting my compensation claim but the goverment moves the goal posts to stop paying out. Afew year ago they paid out for pleura plaques then stopped, they will only pay out for mesothelioma with out question. If you have asbestosis you must prove you bathed in it for 20 years to get compo??? But my view you only have to breath in once to get it in your lungs, and pleura plaque indicates heavy exposure to asbestos fibres. I like you did a lot of work for local authorities.? -Will keep you informed of progress , but its nice to let of steam??

  • Hi plumbob yes is good to let of steam :)

    Tribural judge put mine down to asbestos in food thus refused my claim .. Thay are full of it BUT flaw in my character makes me tell them thay are . So got my MP looking into abuse of due process esp as doc said it was from food .. but not my job i had already proven and been accepted by IIDB

  • I had chronic fatigue and aching thighs when I walked, even a short distance, since Feb. I am now on oxygen therapy and the aching has stopped. Still a little fatigue bu more rejuvinated generally. Have you had your oxygen levels checked/monitored? I also had headaches on wakening which had gone within half an hour.

  • When I'm sedate oxygen level & heart rate ok -1st thing in morning (after coughing) levels are all over the place, and anything physical like a walk to the shops double my heart rate and reduces oxygen levels? Hope this helps

  • Could do with getting yourself home blood pressure monitor

  • Hi Plumbob I hope you get some answers. Try talking to the BLF their nurses are very friendly and knowledgeable

    03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9am 5pm


  • Cheers

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