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I know i'm doing the wrong thing by eating chocolate, especially as I have a c/I. Can anyone tell me why I crave sweets and chocolate, I've

always had a sweet tooth but since being diagnosed with copd and bronchiectasis 6 years ago the cravings have gradually got worse, they seem to be completely out of control. I'm a vegetarian and apart from the sweets and chocolate I do eat a healthy diet.

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Sugar is the craving I think.

I did read or hear something about the addictive additives in confectionary produced in our current times.

Its very easy to get sugar addicted but also quite easy to stay away from it, this is my view but I am sure many will disagree, also sometimes we just wanna eat chocolate :P

I would say its easier to say no to sugar than it is to say no to nicotine for instance.

I think with sugar its a case of the more you eat those sweets and chocs the more you want to eat them, yep that's sugar addiction.

Tips from WebMD:


Your probably right that it is the sugar, strange thing is though I could no way have sugar in my tea. ugh

I Have a kit kat every morning with my coffee ,then i have a really good cough and bring lots of phlegm up this always happens when i eat chocolate ,thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it!!! take care


The Kit Kat sound great, i'm not sure about the rest.

You take care

I don't like sugar in my tea/coffee, or on my cereals. But can't resist chocolate. They say that about 4 squares of dark chocolate are good for you, but I can't stop at 4. I eat the whole bar!! No wonder I'm overweight!!

Same here, only with me it's milk chocolate.

Mmmmmmm :) naughty but nice a little of what you fancy does you good mmmm :) Got to be honest havnt got a clue,they should invent a patch ,inhalator etc,for those that have a very serious addiction as addiction is addiction what ever that might me.Sorry about repartition lol :) Janexx

Oh what a good idea. Can you imagine having a chocolate patch, 24 hour heaven. Mmm lolxxx

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I'd pay for one of

Forbidden fruit is always sweeter mustcarryon, tell us we can't have something and we want it all the more! Sadie xxx

You're so right there. Maybe it's the Eve in each of us.

I am completely addicted to choc anytime any sort!! But seriously have you had a blood test recently lack of iron can cause sweet cravings - just had a blood test have to go for results will let you know if there is a medical reason!!! Meanwhile enjoy that choc!! TAD xxx

Yes, I've recently had blood tests, apart from non specific inflammation there is no other problem. Although i'm not obese, I've noticed my breathing has got worse, I don't know if that has got anything to do with being overweight or because of my bronchiectasis. I've just said to peeg that after Christmas I have to cut out , or, at least cut down on choc:

Sugar is definitely addictive, a cause of many evils.

I suppose it would depend on your weight. IE if you're a skinny Minnie and your body can cope with it carry on.

I would be the same if it were in the house so I have to never ever buy anything like it. This time last year I ate an entire big tin of Roses in two days (this after losing 22lbs by giving up sugar and fat) :(

I just don't have a stop button.

I blame my deprived childhood!!!

Seriously, A couple of bells would be ringing for me: insulin? diabetes?

Sadly, i'm not a skinny Minnie, I used to be when I was smoking, but since giving it up, well the same old story. It's no good doing anything this side of Christmas, but after I will seriously replace all this choc with carrots or celery.

I remember reading that chocolate had a chemical in it which lifts your mood. I always feels better while I'm eating it, but then sick when I've eaten too much ;)

I read about the chemical, i'm lucky because I never feel sick no matter how much I eat. Saying that should I be happy that I don't feel sick after eating chemical's? It does make you think.

About twenty years ago I was diagnosed as being allergic to chocolate which I loved although I always felt like death the next day after eating chocolate, but that didn't stop me eating it!

Anyway, after being diagnosed and with a lot of self control I did not eat chocolate anymore. I never got migraines, did not feel like I was going to die as long as I kept off chocolate.

About two months ago, I had an allergy test and lo and behold there was no mention of being allergic to chocolate. With that good news off I went and bought the most cocoa content 85% cocoa and ate it relishing each square, turning it over and over in my mouth before I swallowed it.

I have to say now that my chocolate consumption is getting out of hand. Just last night I ate about six squares and did not feel great when I woke up this morning. Now The problem is to decide if I can eat one square a day or give it up altogether. I have to say it was delicious while it lasted!

Stay well, Tamara

You know what, I don't think it would hurt as long as you kept to a small amount and don't let it get out of hand. Good luck.

you sound like me i keep eating sweet things since been diagnosed think it may be the meds but anyway still better then smoking

Hi music.

You may have something there. Is it because we are addicts, in the way that we once smoked, now it's chocolate and sweets. I suppose it's better than turning to drink. What do you think?

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