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benefits update

now that im terminal dwp are just throwing money at me .it has just been sorted within 15 days full dla care &mobility. I did not have to go down pip way as I had just claimed dla mob in last 6 months. I also got my income support sorted get that that on Monday.also getting esa and income support.ive read so many reports about how long it is taking to sort out peoples benefits under special glad it has been done.in15 days. hope this info is helpful to anyone in my position.

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So glad everything is getting sorted for you teaky,

Its good of you to share this information.

Stay good and hope your needs are easily met.

Stay warm and have cupboards stocked with some yummy things to eat.

Best wishes BC

Hi Teakey,so glad you have things sorted,at least thats one worry off your mind.Ironical though,that you have to be in that position to get help quickly.Do take care my love,thinking of you,big hugs,xxxx

Yes i am pleased you have things sorted but know you you would rather not be in the position that you are and take care

love Dorothy

Thank you for sharing your post it shows what can be done and I hope that you get loads of help from this.

Thanks teaks, that will really give hope to many people in similar positions. Good on you

Thanks for sharing. I am glad this was sorted out so quickly for you.

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Hi Teaky. My Husband is in the same position as you. The CAB is sorting ours but it is taking longer than 15 days. They give you it when you would rather not have it as it makes you think more about it. I'm not saying a little more won't come in handy. But you know what I mean.

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did you send in ds 1500 from your doctor and claim under the special rules if you have them a phone and remind them you are supposed to have priority your money will all be backdated but you are supposed to be dealt with in 8-10 days

Hi Teaky. The Dr. Wouldn't sign it because he said my Husband is too well. The CAB was going to the Specialist who made the prognosis. They have filled out forms and sent them to us to sign and send off. The CAB said it shouldn't be a problem it just means we will have to fill out forms. Can you believe it?

mavary although I not expected to live for six months I was awarded dla both parts for 3 years till 2016. and all other benefits are falling in to place great the money you can from dwp when you are dying.its a pity you don't get good money when you are living

Hi Teaky. They gave my Husband a year. I think that may be where the problem comes in. However! The Hospice says we should be able to claim and so do The CAB. I think the Dr is told 6 months. Anyway you prove them wrong like so many on this site has done. Make sure you enjoy that money.

Hi Teaky,

So sorry you needed to claim this, but very glad it came through fairly quickly for you. Money is the last thing you need to worry about right now. Sending (((hugs))).

Mavary, I hope you soon get a result for your husband. Sending you (((hugs))) too.

Thanks Poemsgalore.

Glad to here this has been sorted quickly for you. Take good care TAD xxx

Thank you for sharing teaky. It is amazing what they can do when they get their heads out of their orifices. Hope you receive all the help you need. :-) :-) :-) Alison

Glad you got the financial bits sorted, anyway.....keep on truckin' Good luck..... Gill

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