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COPD News of the Day shows what we can learn from our pets

Check out the third item down on this link:

Blakey has put correct link below - apologies, you have had direct access to my personal email account, human error :(

You will probably get a UK or US option - i find it best to click on the US button as the UK one seems to take you away from the subject.

The first item is about Vit C and muscle function, but the pet one is why I've posted it - lovely pics too.

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I see you are with yahoo mail 02T

Have you clicked the link you posted?

Here is a Web MD page about the same subject:


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Oh thats a bit embarrassing - its gone straight into my email account!! Thanks BC, I'll edit it out - just an error on my part, though i have to say that yahoo currently is s**t with all their redesigns :(


thanks O2Trees and BlakeyC for the link - some very good advice from our pets - lovely thank you.


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