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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Apologies from KOTC to all HealthUnlockders


I apologies for not posting yesterday. I tried, but I kept getting image to large or words to that effect. I had spent over two hours writing up a summary and then trying to post the results of The Trent Lung Fibrosis Study. All to no avail. However the full results have recently been published in Thorax should anybody wish to see them.

I could also not post a funny for the same reason, I have never tried to post an image on this site.



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At least, you are around, King. Life aint smooth.

It is quite likely that you have done nothing wrong Kingy, I,ve been having problems post here all day, server error is the favorite one!! It,s not just this site, Face book is also playing up! So dont apologise for things beyond your control, & don't worry about not post in a joke, I filled in (poorly I,m sure) for you :P

with love as always

The Witch


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Do I detect signs of old age creeping on Richard? Surely not. You always do a cracking job so I wouldn't let one bad day worry you too much. After all, there is always tomorrow. Good luck with all the tomorrows Richard.

Bobby xxxx

Hi KOTC! If you are trying to attach a photo to your post there is a maximum size of 2500KB. Last couple of days though I have also had loads of "Server Error" messages on here. Better luck next time hopefully. :-)

I have never ever tried to attach a photo mapal,so that is why I couldn't understand the messages

Hi King, Had problems here all day when trying to reply to posts, having to submit a few times before they go. gremlins. Nannyb xxx

I seem to be OK again now nannyb

Glad to hear it, wouldn't want to miss anything from you, Look forward to all your posts. Nannyb xxx

These damn computers can drive you crazy sometimes eh' King. It took me quite a while to sort out posting images that were under the correct KB so your in good company. :) .

What constitutes an image? I thought it was photos.

King your doing well with what you post I can't even manage to make a smiley face anymore. xx

Computers, argh! At least, the spellcheck worked King!

Dearest Richard, we're all thinking of you with love xxxxxxxxxxx

good to 'see' you here again :)

Hi K.O.T.C, i hope you are feeling better, you have been in thoughts both you and your wife, so chin up and hope you will be doing some good jokes


The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.