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This is BrendaEileen, new to to Peak Flow meter measuring. Is 300 good ? I am 78, walk a lot on the flat what's a good reading ?

I have been diagnosed with " scarring" and some signs of emphysema,I am 78 Lady, I have bouts of persistent cough.Sometimes hours even whole days, without it, then a run of several days with, "They" think it not serious. The Doctor does not seem concerned. But I have medical insurance so we are seeing a good specialist.He quizzed me for an hour, I smoked slightly in my youth. I have the usual puffer for emergencies, and a " triggered" dosage round thing, which I use. I am not distressed at all with breathing, it is just this persistent , not hacking, but deep, but light and persistent bouts...everyone remarks on it. I am really new into this treatment programme, more a diagnosis programme really, , and have "put up" with the cough for three years.

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Good Morning Brendaeileen,

Usually the peak flow is used by asthma patients.

I think you are probably doing well at 78 years 'not being distressed at all with the breathing' but the cough is not a good thing, 3 years is a long time to be coughing.

I think maybe a chat with BLF helpline when they open might give you some further guidance about what to check with your doctor or respiratory team next time you see them. Helpline is open 10 am to 5pm normal working week days, for the contact number, click the read balloon top right.

While waiting you may want to read about peak flow on the link below:

Welcome and best wishes BC


thanks BC, a good link for Brendaeileen, another nice little link on there titled 'persistant cough'. :)


300 peak flo is good, I was advised to use mine, morning and evening even tho I have severe copd and asthma. please ring the blf nurse there open at 10 am, she will give you some advice, re the cough, and three years is a long time to put up with it. Joan x


Thankyou BC and thankyouJoan X...I will do as you say.

Everyday, and these are early days I am learning more

That [peak flow meter is like blowing a trumpet, sometimes you don't get a sound out of a trumpet if I blow hard enough ?



A warm welcome to you Brendaeileen,you sound like you are doing quite well apart from this persistent cough as already suggested a call to the BLF would be helpful they are great.You have defo come to the right place to share any of your worries or concerns,we are a really friendly group with a wealth of experience between us and lots of laughter along the way.Hope to see you soon. :) Janexx


Hello Brenda and welcome. Yes, a peak flow meter is usualy used for asthma but really we're all different, for instance my lowest is 350 when I'm quite poorly so people dont take a lot of notice.

It's good you have health insurance - have a CT scan asap to find out if anything is going on that can be treated.

The others are right, 3 years is too long to have an undiagnosed cough.

Let us know how you get on. Take care, peeg


thanks everyone for the helpful comments-still blowing as hard as I can



wow so pleased we are all different cos my worst in mornings peak flo is 100, and my best at miday its 130 then in the evening its down to 100 again which means meds not working anymore,....... but now they increased seretide from 125 to 250, last wed, and no wheezing when at rest,

only when I am plodding about, ..... tut, Joan x


I'm usually about 300 on a good day, but when having an exacerbation I can get as low as 100 too. They aren't sure whether I have asthma with my bronchiectasis, but I do have an element of bronchitis, but don't have COPD. I'm 62