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Another new drug in development

From COPD News of the Day:

This is meant to not have the stomach problems - reflux etc - that lots of our meds cause, and to have anti-inflammatory potential. Tolerated well in a week-long trial, so longer research is going on.

Imagine a life without pred - but its always hard to know if these new drugs end up being a wind-up. It's working name is RPL-554 so you can google and probably get more info - it was written up in the Lancet.

Its been trialled so far in UK (Kings i think) Italy and Netherlands.

Keep safe in the storm people.

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I read about this drug elsewhere. The report I read said it would be another 20 years before it becomes avavilable - if at all. Good for the future.


Research ,all good for the future



Thanks for another link on RPL554 02trees all the links vary in how far the drug has been researched, but according to one report they are on trial in Bradford on patients. There was already a post in progress on this subject obviously you haven't seen it, it has several links to the research results on this drug.

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If its Bradford i posted on this before Katie though don't think i gave more than one link. I did wonder today but didn't have time to read it enough, so thanks for that.

Twenty years, hmmm, pity so long but good for others.


The link re this trial on Asthma UK website is - Let's hope it's sooner than 20 years :-)


Good link, thanks flylikeeagles (fab name btw). Yeah speed it up!


Here's a link to the other discussion.


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