Dare we read the news

This weeks news is enough to make us give up, rising fuel prices, hospitals failing their patients in some areas, threats to stop existing DLA payments before review for PIP if there is a slight suggestion the claimant isn't genuinely entitled, plus more rain to come. Thank goodness for the light hearted humour on the site to brighten the day

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  • yes and no charge,

  • Thank goodness we can opt not to watch. I mostly don't listen to the news. Its a sure way to get depressed and feeling like giving up on the world.

    Beside my current survival hangs in the balance at the moment and is more important, I don't need any added extra worries that todays news may bring.

    Keep on trucking, keep on smiling :)

    Best wishes BC

  • Laugh and the world laughs with you,


  • true king true and if you cry you cry alone

  • Sometimes I do.

  • yes king i am sure we all do xx

  • Eggheads can be a good escape from the depressing news. OK to hear the headlines just to reassure yourself the world aint coming to an end, then hop over to Eggheads.

  • lol good idea, I love all the quiz shows, Joan x

  • Me too

  • And me.

  • my elderly mother used to watch this programme , sadly she can't see it now so doesn't switch the TV on. It is a good educative programme and keeps the mind alert.

  • So so true everything is going up well past inflation.

    But wait for that big announcement on how the government have reduced the walking distance from 50 metres to 20 metres that's a 60% reduction in real terms and will save the government millions! Making more people spend less on luxuries Like Food, Rates, Mortgage, clothes and not forgetting light and heat.

    Once they know you are stuck in the house with the TV as your only sanctuary to sanity why not triple the licence fee!

    Be well

  • Its been suggested we heat and live in one room too .....back to my childhood

  • who suggested we heat and live in one room only nitter?

  • ~Thanks Stitch, that's another point going into my letter to the MP, have you got a link to any documentation about it?

  • have to give a gentle reminder the TV licence is due for price appraisal in 2016 I think and it's quite likely it will go up massively as no rises have been made for a long time. As a disabled person I have already commented on the 50 metres down to 20 metres in a previous post a few days ago, in a nut shell it stinks for those with mobility problems.

  • Well I guess, no funds for tv, broadband, food, heating, meds, we may as well all make the most of it while it lasts and look forward to the great passing where no one feels any difficulties at all thereafter. That's if you believe in a thereafter if not just look forward to a good sleep where heating food and politics have no place. I am not limited to this body ;) x x

  • sounds a good idea to me a long sleep, plus make the most of what we do have while it lasts, tomorrows another day as they say

  • I'm gonna eat tonnes of choccy and have irish coffee every night :) ;)

  • awwwwww choccy fest and irish coffee can I come please lol, I do believe in the afterlife, but it wont matter then either lol Joan x

  • Sounds like a great idea but what happens when you go into another room that is so cold it takes your breath away. There has been tests on people that are kept cold for no more than 13 minutes and it was proven that they were more inclined to infections as a result.

    En-suite bedsit is the way forward? But not for my wife and I we just want as normal life as we can get.

  • yes I agree Offcut, part of my copd management plan is to keep all rooms at same temp, tut would be a lot cheaper if WE COULD live in one room, but Not really practical tut tut, thats my winge for today lol Joan x PS; we wouldnt get much exersise either when we cant get out. pheeeeeeew lol

  • Just got back from a meeting of my friendship group, catching up on mail .Why should anyone have to live in just one room or ensuite bedsit?, that's not normal living. New houses are becoming smaller but still expensive to run due to rising prices, there seems to be no real answer, but agreed we must keep warm to be healthy, how we do that has to be a personal decision as to what we can afford within our means.

  • I'm just wandering if the government has done away with human rights, or probably changing that legislation too.....



  • Rights v Responsibilities

    Most rights are not absolute and may be limited where it is necessary to achieve a legitimate aim and if the limitation is proportionate to that aim. The court seeks to strike a "fair balance between the general interest of the community and requirements of protection for the individuals human rights".

    What a get out clause!

  • right to life !

  • Methinks similar basic entitlement have all gone tut, never mind, body may be weak but the spirit is willing, and strong enough for us all to fight on Joan x Thanks for those links, will study more.

  • No one has any rights anymore I thought about writing a letter to my MP but it would do no good as it is his party who brought in Atos and our local hospital is in a big mess with more and more services being shipped out and where is our local MP in his home town trying to get market traders to set up in the street again I could go on. I do think we should start standing up to Atos the more I read about them the more I shake my head in disbelief.

  • If you want to email your MP it is very easy findyourmp.parliament.uk/ I have signed an e petition against ATOS and asked they move it to the NHS were at least they do have real health professionals not with only 3 weeks training for ATOS health professionals for assessments?

  • Hi Offcut I also had a interview at the job centre they got me a appointment with the disabled advisor. I told her I had COPD and being in a public place would put me at risk for getting flu and I also get very tired she said she would put me down for supermarket work. What we need is for someone to educate people about COPD I do wonder if a x bank robber came in would she get him a job in a bank lol

  • At least a cash carriers position ;)

  • Just found out today that the Nottingham local hospitals are planning privatising the cleaners, caterers and security staff. Here's part of the article in the local newspaper:

    "MORE than 150 people turned up to a public meeting last night and criticised the decision to privatise the cleaners, caterers and security staff at Nottingham’s hospitals.

    A meeting was held at Nottingham City Hospital on Thursday and was attended by Labour MP Lilian Greenwood, who pledged to save the NHS from privatisation in her 2010 election campaign.

    People at the meeting agreed to hold regular demonstrations every Friday starting from November 1 at various locations across Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

    They also said they wanted to plan a march in the city centre."

    Causing problems in our local hospitals, just as winter is upon us and more of those who suffer from lung conditions likely to end up needing their care!!

    BTW, I hope you all have plans to batten down the hatches and stay home warm and safe on Monday.

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