steroids has anyone experience of massive doses?

Hi everyone hope you are all breathing nicely today.... it's a shame to waste clean air!.......Next week the hospital is going to give my OH three IV shots of steroids on consecutive days,(he has IPF but there is a variant ! has anyone here had this treatment if so what can I expect to happen re weight gain, mood swings etc also I am considering getting him onto Yakalt to boost his gut flora your opinions on that and other lacto basillas drinks would be great

Hope you all have a good day ....AL

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  • I wouldn't worry about the weight gain if its 3 massive doses over 3 days. His appetite might increase but its likely not to make that much difference over such a short period of time. Its more likely that his sleep will be altered and he might struggle to sleep, you might see some mood changes too but again these tend not to last too long especailly once you are off them. Good luck - hopeully they will make a big difference to him.

    Marie x

  • many thanks for the info Marie, I admit to being curious about the 'high' effect and whether it was likely to be manic! I think maybe the rubber hammer will come in handy to ensure a peacefull night......wonder why I haven't thought of that before!!!.......Hope you are having a good day today Breathe Easy....x

  • I would say the same as Marie.

    You could try a tipple or two for yourself before bed AL, :)

    Hope hubby doesn't become too manic on the steroids and they work well for him.

    Best wishes BC

  • Hi BlakeyC ! That's a really good idea! what do you recommend as a bedtime cocktail....quickly now I have my head in the cupboard and the pillows plumped ready for bed.....Oh.... you didn't mean 2 o'clock in the afternoon......what a shame! have a good day X

  • LOL I like that :) I would recommend two hot toddies, with whiskey or two Irish coffees with cream or maybe 4 :D x

  • Hi - I was recently administered 3 days of iv steroid (1g) which is 100 times my normal maintenance does to fight rejection (had a double lung tranplant 6 weeks ago) my appetite increased, I didn't sleep but was otherwise loving life :-). Bit of a different story weaning off them though - but needs must I say. I am unable to eat any "live" yogurts due to TX so can't comment on that sorry - Hope it all goes well. Sioned

  • I liked your joke about clean air! Could you please tell me where it is available now? I haven't breathed in any clean air in the last twenty years with all the pollution around.

    Good luck with the steroids.


  • hi every1 when I started on medication I was 8 st & at 5 ft wasn't 2 bad I was never a worrier bout my weight I was happy with it, im no slimmer worring bout what I weigh. but now with medication ive reached 10 st 3lbs please believe me its killing me 2 but no way 2 get rid of it. being honest I very rarely eat mab once a week if im luck. but that's life just as long my babies r happy that's all that matters 2 me & that im there 4 them tc every1 xxx

  • The best thing to take is Solgar Acidophillus capsules, they put all the good bacteria back into the gut after antibiotics etc. I started off with two a day before breakfast and then had one daily ever since. Yakult etc, is great too, but the stomach acid destroys the good bacteria before it reaches the intestines....(that advice was from a very reliable source). Hope this helps a little.

  • many thanks naturelover I'll make a note of those caps and ask the consultant, i'm not sure how they mix conventional with homeopathic? sometimes one feels that to mention alternatives is critisising, having said that our own team are really I will open mouth and stick in foot! People on here are so helpfull and supportive it has just got to be the best site ever! Hope you are having a good day today ....AL

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