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..............................HARVEST FESTIVAL

.......................................Church Coffee Morning

Last Saturday I went to my church coffee morning, where we normally have a good banter.

Our preacher is Korean(S<O@N<! K but you can call me Sue).She is lovely lady and she informed us that she and her sister had proposed singing at the harvest festival the previous week but due to illness this could not be done.

We were then entertained to a 'Korean Harvest Festival in Song' .The music and singing was ecstatic, we all wanted to sing along but of course we didn't know the language.

We were all spellbound.

Coffee mornings will never be the same again



Go and have a coffee at your local Breathe Easy group's monthly meeting.

Not a member? Join up, information from BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9am 5pm

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Well that's something else :) try to change to tea lol ;)


I don't know why they call them coffee mornings as most of us drink tea! Coccobo


Your turn next, king! :-) :-) Alison


You must mean the singing as I am always preaching Alison


That sounds wonderful wish my church did things like that.


Sounds very uplifting Your Majesty. x


I tell you what Toci, we all left with smiles on our faces


Then it was a job well done. ;)


Nice one King. Today I went along to a Salvation Army community cafe in the main street open to all. Within this newly refurbished building is also charity shop, large separate space with a pool table, large screen T.V and computers for learning - towards the back yet another space for worship etc.

Today I sat with a bible study group and was made to feel very welcome. Good atmosphere, nothing too heavy and a couple of friendly folk around my age who offered me a lift if I was ever stuck for transport.

Today I was on my scooter so stayed on afterwards and had some lunch :) Lovelight x

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I'm starting an Alpha course again soon at Trent Vineyard. and that is also nothing too heavy lovelight


Alpha courses good...have been to one in the past and would def go for a second. Enjoy yours King !


Free dinners !!!!! Like going to school !


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