Thank You All. Mattcass

I wish to thank you all for your support, I did manage to get to my work today but my wrists are so very painful and turning out the way no P/Killers are working at all i only work two days this week so back to the GP on weds my Rheumy team cant help as there is no other RA medication out there for me. Thanks Again. Matt

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  • Prayers and good thoughts coming your way Matt. x

  • take care matt dont try replying we all understand xx

  • Amazing you got to work! Please take care and wishing you the very speediest relief from your pain. Take care TAD x x

  • Hope things become easier for you soon Matt. Take good care


  • Don't give up MC, lets just hope and pray this rotten RA decides to take a back seat and let you have a pain free return to work. Just remember were all rooting for you. :)


  • Good, Matt, that we can talk to each other. I am sure that we are all behind you and hope that things will get better for you - llove Annirx

  • Best of luck Matt


  • oh no Mattcass this is no good have you been to a pain clinic whos soul purpose is to help people with pain?alternative therapies?i didnt think in this day and age anybody needed to suffer with sorry.Janexx

  • Thinking of you and Fran Mattcass and wishing you well. Love, Carole xx

  • How absolutely rotten for you both. Can only wish you all the very best and hope it subsides very soon. :-) :-) Alison

  • Hope all goes well in the end.

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